Pay per Head Bookie Site Tips: Conversions and Retention

Keeping an eye on the conversions that you have made thanks to your Pay per Head Bookie site and also on the retention numbers pay-per-head-bookie-site-tips-conversions-retentioncan help you realize how well your business is doing. Let’s check some information on these two key metrics.


Pay per Head Bookie: Conversions


Conversions can be considered the most relevant metrics related to your Pay per Head Bookie website.

Conversion rates can be easily monitored by fine-tuning your Bookie Services site and it is key to constantly monitor this data and have a plan B in case your strategy to get conversions is not working like you planned to.

When you monitor conversions, you also need to keep an eye on the abandonment factor, which is related to the people that were ready to turn into clients but for some reason didn’t completed the necessary actions and left your Pay per Head Bookie site before becoming part of your bookmaking portfolio.

It is necessary to understand that, in average, three out of one hundred visitors from all consumer industries complete the actions that turn them into conversions.

This means that a lot of people that visits your website are not going to turn into clients, but that is Ok.


There are 3 processes that can be monitored related to conversions:


Activities that Lead to Conversions:

A given visitor of your Pay per Head Bookie site requests your bookmaking services. This is the simplest to monitor because you can actually see when it’s done and you have the cash in your hands. You can check the bottom line’s impact.


Activities that Lead to Accumulating Key Data:

The visitor of your Pay per Head Bookie website gives you his email address in order to become part of your mailing list, fills out a sign up form, or contacts you directly.

This cannot be considered a conversion yet, but you DO have more data about the visitor and even his “Ok” to continue the business partnership.

This is considered an important part of the conversion process.


Activities that Direct Users to Data that Decreases Operational Costs:

This is a bit trickier to monitor because it is necessary to keep track of a variety of information points, including:

  • How regularly a person visits the Help or FAQ sections of your sportsbook
  • How often someone requests client support.
  • How much such type of calls decreases after you have put in place a change with the goal of providing better assistance up front.
  • Any other improvements made with the goal of decreasing overall costs.



When we refer to retention, we mean how many clients you are able to keep once they have turned into clients after visiting your Pay per Head Bookie site.

It is key to recall that keeping your current clientele is certainly easier than to acquire new customers, which means that it is very important that you manage to keep your clients happy in order to prevent them from leaving you, especially because research shows that it is not common to re-acquire a client once is gone.


These are some key considerations when measuring retention:

  • The number of people that returns to your Pay per Head Bookie site.
  • The frequency of returning visitors.
  • How long people stay on-site.
  • How recent a given visit was.
  • The different activities of kept visitors.
  • The number views related to important contents and pages.


Remember: Without conversions, you really don’t have a Pay per Head Bookie business, and when you don’t know how to keep the clients that you have made then your bookmaking operation is also in risk of disappearing.

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