Pay per Head Bookie Site Tips: Measuring Success

When running a Pay per Head Bookie site, you need to have some clear goals in mind, and you also need to measure your current pay-per-head-bookie-site-tips-measuring-successdegree of success.

To measure the current status of your work, you might need to use a tool such as Google Analytics. In other cases, you can do without.

Here is some information on content and newsletters, which are two of the main activities that are worth recording in order to know where exactly you are standing right now.


Pay per Head Bookie: Content


Your content is probably THE most important part of your Pay per Head Bookie site because that is your main weapon to get people interested in your business offerings.

Using web analytics, you can figure out things such as what is the length of regular visits to any given page and how many times a page have been viewed.

This information tells you a lot about the current worthiness of each page on your website.

For example, if you find out that people is not staying very long on a given page, it means that people really doesn’t find such page interesting enough as to dedicate it some of their valuable time.

Although this might sound bad, it is actually quite positive because using such data, you can go through your pages and improve those that have a high bounce back rate (when people sees a page and immediately returns to the SERPs or search engine results pages).

You really want people to stay on your Pay per Head Bookie site as long as possible because that means that they are actually reading your content, and this indicates that they are interested in what you are offering them.

In the case that a given page hasn’t been viewed a lot, it means that people doesn’t even know of the existence of that page.

So, you need to use the collected data in order to help you figure out which pages need some better SEO (search engine optimization) work in order to make them more visible to visitors.


Email Newsletter Sign-Ups

If you want to expand your online Pay per Head Bookie business, you really need to start sending emails out to prospective clients.

Once you have gathered a good list of people that can turn into clients in the future, you need to remind them of your business’ existence from time to time because maybe some players don’t want to becoming part of your bookmaking portfolio right now, but later they might want to do it.

Keeping track of your email newsletter sign-ups is very important because by doing so, you can realize if people is finding your newsletter initiatives interesting enough as to provide you with their emails.

If you find out that you have a lot of good traffic on your Pay per Head Bookie site, but only just a handful of people is interested in signing up to receive your newsletters, then you need to come up with some different, better ideas in order to get those valuable emails.

For example, try to create an interesting e-book and offer it for free in exchange for a person’s email address.


Spending Money Correctly

Running a Pay per Head Bookie website means that you will need to do some investing, but you really need to make sure that you are putting your cash in the right places, otherwise it would be like giving your cash away for no purpose at all.

Try to figure out what are the marketing efforts that are actually providing you with conversions and keep on doing the same good work on those areas while also fixing the areas of your Pay per Head Bookie business that are not paying back.

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