Pay per Head Bookie: Social Sites to Promote Media, Content

Using Social Media is a great way to increase the traffic of your Pay per Head Bookie website and also to get you closer to your pay-per-head-bookie-social-sites-promote-contenttargeted audience.

Here’s some useful information on using social networking sites to promote your media and written content.


Pay per Head Bookie Tips: Media on Social Networking Sites


A great way to attract people to your Pay per Head Bookie website is to promote media such as video and pictures on social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

What is great about the aforementioned sites is that they allow you to include a direct link to the page of your Bookie Services site where the media is located, and this can certainly be great when it comes to increasing your traffic.

If you wish to create a following, then you can use your sports betting expertise in order to create your own video series where you provide viewers with advice and tips on how to place their wagers and you can also give away your own picks for the weekend games.

What is important is that you create media that is interesting enough so people can either follow the links to your Pay per Head bookmaking site or to share such content with their acquaintances.


Create Controversy

If you really want people to pay attention to the content of your Pay per Head Bookie site, a great strategy is to create controversial videos and pictures on purpose.

When you create something that is considered controversial, it is likely that people are going to talk about it, and that is precisely what you want and need.

Of course you must to be careful about the kind of content that you promote because even though you want to be controversial, you don’t want to be offensive.


Link Equity

When people enjoy your content, they are likely to share it on their own newsfeeds and blogs, and chances are that they will include a link to your Pay per Head Bookie website.

This is great in terms of link equity. Remember that Google will pass link equity no matter the kind of content that is being promoted. Either good and informative or controversial, you still get that needed equity.


Social News Sites

It is highly recommended to promote the new content on your Pay per Head Bookie site through social news sites such as Reddit, Digg and Boingboing.

Contrary to sites where editors are the ones that decide which content goes to the front page, on social news sites the votes of users are the ones that determine which stories or articles are more important.

Your content can get to social news sites either by submitting it yourself to the aforementioned websites or when users check out our site and promote it themselves.


More Traffic vs Targeted Audience

When you work with social news reading, you are reaching out to all sorts of people, so you need to decide what is it exactly what you want: either to target specific people or to get as much traffic as possible.

If you just want more traffic on your Pay per Head Bookie site, then you can use link bait content, which includes cool pictures and interesting videos that are not even related to the content on your website.

Such type of media will indeed get the attention of many users, but it is probable that many of them will not be interested in becoming part of your sports betting portfolio.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in reaching out to your targeted audience, then you can promote content that it is intended for sports bettors only.

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