Pay per Head Bookie: Starting a Sports Betting Business?

To start your own pay per head bookie business is definitely an emotional roller-coaster. When a sports betting company faces a number of different challenges, it is actually the passion pay-per-head-bookie-sports-betting-businessof the bookmaking agent who makes it possible to get the business going.

The truth is that in order to attain success, being passionate for what you do is really important because everyone around you can sense it, including your players, your staff, and even your investors.


Pay per Head Bookie: Pointers To Turn Your Passion Into a Business


Here are some pointers that can help you transform your passion for betting and gaming into a business that can be considered successful:


Do you Have the Knowledge? If the Answer is NO, then Start Asking

So, you have a passion for all things gambling and wagering, and you want to start a business related to this passion of yours.

Ask yourself: how much do you know about the sports betting industry as a business?

The first step is to learn how to play the part of a pay per head bookie, so start by learning as much as you can about the industry as this can help you be ahead of your competition.

Then, you can start building a network of individuals that have the talents that you lack so they can help you with the business plan areas that you have been delaying because you lack the right knowledge.


Hire Like-Minded Individuals

The best thing you can do in order to get your desired results is to hire like-minded people. Especially individuals with experiences similar to yours, and whom share some or most of your professional values.

Indeed, when you work with people that think like you, the work environment becomes vibrant with enthusiasm. This translates to positive client experience, and that is exactly what builds your pay per head bookie business.


Know Exactly What you Have to Offer

Start by asking yourself: beyond my pay per head bookie services, what is it that I am really selling?

What is it that makes your bookmaking business unique? And, what type of needs it´s currently fulfilling for sports betting players and casino gamblers?

You need to make sure that you define what it is that you are selling because you want to avoid becoming a jack of all trades, and master of none. Therefore, it is in your best interest to offer specialized pay per head bookie services to a specific group of prospective players.


What is your Niche

If you really want to be successful as a pay per head bookie, then creating a niche is essential.

It is not uncommon for a the owner of a bookmaking business to be able to identify a niche based on his own knowledge about the market, but it is also a good idea to get some feedback from potential clients in order to try to uncover untapped needs.

These are good questions you can take into consideration while the research process lasts:

  • What are the areas in which my competitors are better established?
  • What are the areas that are being ignored by competitors of my pay per head bookie business?
  • What are the potential opportunities for my sports betting business?


The Online Area

Running a pay per head bookie business nowadays means that you can also offer your services to people that are located far away from you thanks to the internet.

By working with a price per head shop, you can offer betting and gaming solutions to your clients, but that is just part of what the internet has to offer as you can also create your own marketing website in order to recruit new customers.

The first thing you will need is a name for your website that is rich in keywords that truthfully reflects what is it that you do as a pay per head bookie. And overall, make sure to offer information on the site that point out the benefits players are going to find by signing up with you.

Once you pick the right name, make sure to also claim the social media identities that are related to such name, and after registering the domain and picking the web hosting, get the help of freelancers that can help you keep your site fresh and well optimized on a regular basis so prospective clients can find you.


Avoid Perfectionism

Some people may say that they will start a pay per head bookie business when all the conditions are perfect, but the reality is that conditions are never going to be as such.

There will always be some type of unwanted situation or circumstance that will present itself.

If you are trying to be successful with a bookmaking business, you need to avoid at all costs trying to be perfect because this will only lead to disappointments and unnecessary stress.

Instead, make sure to lose your standards and accept the fact that no business is perfect, and that making mistakes and the occasional disappointment is all just part of the job.


Here are the two steps that you can take to overcome perfectionism:


Step 1: Recognizing yourself as a perfectionist:

This is quite important because it helps you to figure out whether you are perfectionist or not.

Remember that it is good to have, and work with high standards, but when such standards are way too high, they can get in the way of the happiness related to both your professional and personal lives.

If you are wondering whether you are a perfectionist or not, if you, on a regular basis, tend to feel frustrated, angry, depressed and anxious, then chances are that you are a perfectionist, or are on your way to become one.

Here are some examples of perfectionist thinking:

  • Black and white: If something is less than perfect, then it is a total and abysmal failure.
  • Catastrophic thinking: If I ever make a mistake in front of the employees of my pay per head bookie company, surviving the humiliation is going to be very difficult.
  • Probability Over-estimation: Although I have spent hours and hours getting ready for my presentation, I am pretty sure I won’t do well at all.
  • Should Statements: I should never be nervous or make mistakes.

Here are some examples of perfectionist behavior:

  • Being overly cautious when completing tasks.
  • Excessive checking.
  • Being in a state of trying to constantly improve things.
  • Suffering over small details.
  • Spending more time than necessary preparing to-do lists.
  • Avoiding new things and risks.


Step 2: Adopting Realistic Thinking, Dropping Perfectionism

Indeed, adults whom have a problem dealing with perfectionism are constantly falling in the trap of criticizing themselves, but the solution reside in having more realistic thoughts and pronounce statements that go according to this state of mind.

If you are a perfectionist, you probably also have a problem seeing things from the point of view of another individual.

When you change this, and you try to see things from the point of view of  another person, you will realize that some of your perfectionist beliefs are unhelpful, and simply wrong.


Who You Hang Out With

Sure, you may be a person that enjoys having lots of friends, and of many types.

That is all good, but it is important that you avoid mixing your regular friends with your professional life.

Think about it this way: right now you are on a mission to become the best pay per head bookie service provider you can be, and once you are at the top, then you can start sharing some time on a constant basis with your regular friends.


A Mentor

Right now, you need to surround yourself with people that can really benefit your pay per head bookie business, and you can start by finding a mentor.

A mentor is someone that can open a lot of doors for you, and also someone that can teach you some valuable lessons that can guide you through the right path to success.

Recognizing what makes a great mentor:

A good mentor is a person that is not afraid of asking tough questions and to work using challenges and goals.

However, the best of mentors are aware of the fact that they don’t have to tell you exactly what you need to do, and instead, they are happy with their roles as advisors.

With that said, you must avoid a mentor that gets heavily upset when his instructions are not followed.


The Formula for Success

Here is the formula that you can use to become a bookie and attain success as one: take some preparation and mix it with opportunity, then add some ambition and remove the unwanted limiting beliefs, and voila! SUCESS!

Apply it, and you will see how your idea of being a successful pay per head bookie suddenly turns into a reality.

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