Pay per Head Bookie: Steps to Building a Website

To count with a Pay per Head Bookie website is essential to attain success, especially now that most players tend to favor the web pay-per-head-bookie-steps-building-websitewhen it comes to placing their bets.

If you don’t work with a price per head services site, then you will just be able to offer your services to local bettors, and although that is Ok, you are preventing yourself from expanding to other markets, and therefore, to make more money.


Pay per Head Bookie: The Steps


Here are the steps related to the process of building a business site:



  • Get your PPH Pack

This is the most crucial step in your quest to become a successful agent because things such as sportsbook software are going to serve as the core of your whole operation.

The reason is because without the help of a PPH shop, you will really find it difficult to consolidate your own startup  company as you will need a lot of resources and it is likely that you will end up paying excessively for overhead costs.

In fact, without the help of an established offshore shop, you won’t even have the time to think about expanding your business to the internet because you will find yourself too busy dealing with the day-to-day operations of your local office.



  • Hire Some Help


Once you have made a nice deal with a shop, then you can actually start calling yourself a Pay per Head Bookie and are also ready for the next step on your expansion plans, which is to get the assistance of people that can help you build your site.

If besides being a Pay per Head Bookie you also have the capacity to build a website from the ground up all by yourself, then that is great, but chances are that you might find yourself in the group of people that does need to get some collaboration.

The three key people that you need to hire are: a web designer, an SEO (search engine optimization) pro and also a copywriter.

The web designer and the SEO will both work together to come up with a functional site, and the copywriter will collaborate with texts that can complement the job of the SEO and the designer in order to come up with a website that is friendly for both the search engines and prospective clients alike.



  • Give your Opinion


Tell your new freelance employees what it is that you need and want concerning the new website. Remember that this is your personal business Pay per Head Bookie site, which means that such web portal is going to serve as your online image.

For this reason, don’t be afraid to tell your newly hired staff what is it that you actually want, including colors, fonts (type and size) and the site’s overall theme.



  • Pick the Right Domain Name


Picking the correct domain name for your Pay per Head Bookie site is important for many reasons.

For example, choosing a name that goes along with your industry will tell the search engines that your website belongs to a particular niche, and that can increase your chances of coming up in good positions for keyword terms that are related to your domain (and also to the keywords that you are using on the overall content of your Pay per Head Bookie website).

Try to pick a name that is both related to your industry and that it also reflects who you are and where you’re from. This will allow you to appear friendly to players from other areas and also to locals whom are looking for an online sports betting solution.



  • Start Promoting your Website


Once everything is in place and your Pay per Head Bookie site is up and running, then it is time to start promoting it in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

You can also add your website’s URL to your personal presentation cards so local prospective clients can jump in the web and check more information about what you have to offer.

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