Pay per Head Bookie Tips: Personas and Demographics

Creating personas allows you to measure a variety of stats related to your Pay per Head Bookie

In order to come up with the ideal persona, you need to create a profile of a user that goes hand-hand with the demographic data related to your targeted audience. Make sure that you create a custom user that is related to an actual real person.


Pay per Head Bookie: Demographics


If you create personas in order to test the usability of your sportsbook site, it will be easier for you to realize if prospective clients, who are included in your demographics, are going to take the steps you want them to take in order to turn them into conversions.



Here are two examples of personas:

1 – John is a 25 year-old Caucasian male from New York. He is a man with a career who can be considered to be economically solvent and loves sports, but he doesn’t gamble.

For this reason, when John stumbles upon your Pay per Head Bookie site and checks out the information that you have related to your betting services, he really doesn’t find such data of interest and clicks the browser’s back button in order to return to the SERPs.

In this case, having the data related to people like John can be quite useful because it allows you to determine if you should include more information on sports on your Pay per Head Bookie site in order to make your site interesting enough as to get them stay longer, which increases your chances of getting a conversion.


2 – Adam is a guy from Los Angeles who is on his late twenties, is also affluent, and loves to visit Las Vegas for some gambling entertainment from time to time.

He is now interested in online betting, but he doesn’t trusts post-up sportsbooks, so he’s looking for a local agent to get his action.

If you, for example, are a Pay per Head Bookie that is located in LA and are running your own well-optimized website in order to offer your solutions, then chances are that Adam is going to find your site and will try to contact you in order to obtain more information about your betting business.

Here’s the thing: neither of the two people above are real. They have been created out of thin air, which means that they have been invented by marketing departments or firms in order to visit websites just like yours in order to see how well you are doing concerning your desired demographics.



When you hire a marketing company in order to create personas to test your Pay per Head Bookie site, they come up with an average of 10 different people whom are based on factors such as their socioeconomic background, their ethnicity and their age group.

They will random-test your website without letting you know about it in order to find out how responsive your site is in relationship to different types of visitors.

Using the acquired information, you can realize if you are doing a good job at acquiring clients throughout your Pay per Head Bookie website or if you are actually scaring away the very people you should be aiming for.


It’s Fun

Although you can use a professional marketing firm in order to test your Pay per Head Bookie site, this is something that you can actually do by yourself.

Of course you need to consider that this might turn into a time-consuming task because you need to do a lot of brainstorming about all the possible types of prospective clients that you need as visitors of your site.

But, on the positive side, this can also be a task that can be a lot of fun, so if your budget is tight, remember that you can always consider the option of doing things the D.I.Y. way.


The Right Timing

Creating personas can also be very useful in order to realize if you are timing out correctly the conversion cycle.

For example, you might have prospective clients visiting you whom at the end don’t convert because of how long it takes for them to take the necessary steps in order to do so.

You can also find clients that might be quite interested in what you have to offer, but even so, if you push your Pay per Head Bookie services to them insistently, chances are that they are going to feel uncomfortable and will just leave your site and won’t return again.

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