Pay per Head Bookie Tips: Simplifying your Business

If you are running a Pay per Head Bookie operation, it is likely that you are doing so because of how profitable a business like this pay-per-head-bookie-tips-simplifying-businesscan be, but earnings are only good if they can be enjoyed.

Here are some of the top ways to simplify your business, which will allow you to have the extra time that you need to enjoy your profits with those who matter the most to you.


Pay per Head Bookie: Use Servers


In order to keep relevant documents together, a good solution is to work with a central server, which can act as a filing cabinet, with privileged access only to the key people involved in your Pay per Head Bookie business.

Indeed, when you use a central server, you are making sure that all docs are available to everybody, which makes your Pay per Head Bookie operation more versatile and efficient.



If you want to avoid using your cell phone for business purposes, and if you really want to avoid having an actual office phone, you can always consider the possibility of using a VoIP (Voice over IP) system, which offer a great deal of features and customization for a really great price.

According to the experts, you can end up saving as much as 40% using VoIP than using a regular Pay per Head Bookie office land line system.


Automate your Billing Process

You can also consider the option of automating your billing process, both for overhead costs and for payments and collections from players.

When you work with professional accounting software, you can really see the benefits when it comes to how your Pay per Head Bookie startup company is being perceived by clients and overhead service providers alike, especially because you will always be able to pay everybody on time.

This works both if you work alone and if you work with sub-agents as you can send them the information on how much they need to collect or pay clients. This will save your sub-agents a lot of time, which means that you will also get your share of the profits faster.


Your Website and your FAQ Page

Your Pay per Head Bookie website can serve as a potential access point to recruit new customers.

Don’t dwell on fancy graphs and instead, focus your efforts on trying to provide prospective clients with the info that they need in order to become part of your bookmaking portfolio.

A good way to answer many of the questions new visitors of your site might have is to make sure that the direct link to your bookmaking FAQ page is highlighted on your home page so people can visit it and find the answers that they are looking for.

Making sure your FAQ page is extra visible will save potential clients the need of calling you or to wait for their e-mail to be answered.

Although you might be quite efficient by taking care of a busy inbox or on the phone, you really have nothing to lose if you actually take the time and make your FAQ page as informative as possible.


Pay in Advance

Besides automating your billing process, you can also take the extra option of setting your payments to be done in advance.

This means that you will be paying several months of service ahead, which will truly guarantee that you won’t have to pay for the same service month after month and it is likely that you will also save some cash too.

This of course goes for your overhead costs only as your payments and collections must be paid normally.

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