Pay per Head Business Benefits For Bookies And Their Players

A Pay per Head Business solutions pack is the perfection option for new and old school bookies.

Pay per Head Business Benefits For Bookies And Their Players
Pay per Head Business Benefits For Bookies And Their Players

A PPH Shop allows the average agent to play at the same level as the largest sportsbooks.

In other words: PPH offshore services EMPOWERS bookmakers…


Pay per Head Business Benefits

Now here are the two main Pay per Head Business benefits for you, the bookmaking agent, and your players:

  • Manage your operation effortlessly
  • Players can get their action by themselves


Manage your operation effortlessly

The main Pay per Head Business benefit for you, the bookmaker, is that you’ll get your own bookie software.

This is the tool the PPH Shop gives you to manage everything related to the action of your players.

This means that you can get access to more than 15 reports, so that you can verify the different wagers and casino plays from your clients.

By doing this, you can check how well your operation is performing versus certain key players.

And then you can make sure to keep only the customers that are helping you reach your goals related to profits.

Using this sportsbook software you can also open or close accounts whenever you want to.

And you can also adjust credit balances and wagering limits as necessary.

Another advantage is that you can adjust the lines provided by the price per head shop.

This is really not necessary in general; and that’s because these lines are created and managed by professional line movers at the PPH Shop.

But you may want to adjust a line here and there for a given player, or for all.

Or you can even create your own lines!

It really all depends on your particular needs as an agent…


Players can get their action by themselves

There are also some great Pay per Head Business benefits for your players too.

These benefits come in the form of:

  • Wagering with full privacy using their smart devices
  • Place wagers with the assistance of experienced clerks


Wagering with full privacy using their smart devices

A great Pay per Head Business benefit for your players is that they can wager with full privacy.

And they can do it using their favorite smart devices, such as phones, tablets and laptops.

For example, one of your players can grab his phone, login into the PPH website, and place his bets.

And he can do that from anywhere, and without anybody noticing what he’s actually doing…

This is a benefit players look to get from the top online sports betting sites; but in the process, they have to expose their personal identities.

Back in the day, many old school players were used to provide their personal data, such as names and credit card info, to their sportsbooks.

But players are more savvy now, and they know their privacy is important.

So, signing up with a PPH Shop means that you’ll be able to offer the kind of secure wagering services your players are looking for.

And the reason for that is because all your players will need to place bets online is an alias and a password.

And, the only one who knows the real identities is you, the top bookmaker.

So this means that the information of your players never gets exposed on the web.

And this is certainly a factor you can use to sign up new clients on a regular basis.

Now, when you sign up with the PPH Shop, there are two types of websites you can choose from, and an extra feature you may want to get:

  • Standard site
  • Custom site
  • Online casino


Standard site

This is the website where the players of most agents get their action.

This is a great option, and also the most popular among agents because it’s also the most affordable one.


Custom site

This is a site that is going to be available only to your own players.

And you get to pick the name and design of the website.

And all you have to do to get it is to pay a ONE-TIME EXTRA FEE.

After paying, you’ll get a fully working website that will be all yours to use.

What’s great is that you get all the benefits of the site, and none of the overhead costs; such as hosting for example.


Online casino

By working with a top PPH Shop you can also get extra Pay per Head Business benefits; such as counting with your own online casino.

This is possible by paying a weekly extra fee to the PPH company.

Once you pay, the gambling area will become available to your players.

And this is great because this means that by using this tool, you can catch the gaming action of your customers.

In other words: by getting this service, you can easily double your profits…

And it’s also good to mention that by working with a casino, you can offer your solutions not only to bettors, but to also to gamblers.

So, you can even end up with more casino players than bettors!

It really all depends what you want for you and your operation.


Place wagers with the assistance of experienced clerks

The other top Pay per Head Business benefit for players is to place wagers assisted by a professional clerk.

These clerks work at the PPH Shop’s call center located in Costa Rica.
This is a modern service for the old school player.

In other words, it’s an improved version of the regular call center solution.

The reason is because the technology is better, the services are faster, but the high-quality attention remains the same…

And what’s also great about this solution is that you get your own toll free number!

This means that the PPH Shop will give you a 1-800 number, so that your players can place all the bets they want for free…

And these call center services are also multilingual!

Meaning that you can offer your services to players that speak not only English, but also Chinese and Spanish. And doubtlessly, this is also a Pay per Head Business benefit you want to count with…

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