Pay per Head Casino Software: A Must-Have for a Bookie

If you are a bookie, you definitely want Pay per Head casino software services. And the reason is because having them will make it easier for you to increase your

Pay per Head Casino Software: A Must-Have for a Bookie
Pay per Head Casino Software: A Must-Have for a Bookie



Pay per Head Casino Software Services: Why


To count with first-hand Pay per Head casino services means that you care about your customers.

Figuring the reason why is not difficult: Sports betting players enjoy playing casino games a lot!

In fact, it is reasonable to believe that the majority of bettors are also gamblers.

So, if you’re a bookmaking agent that is still not offering Pay per Head casino services to his clients; you’re really missing on a great opportunity.

Not just to satisfy the online casino needs of your sports betting players; but also to enjoy all the profits.



Online casinos started to become popular back in the mid nineties. At that time, many gambling entrepreneurs decided to move their physical operations to the web.

And, this large number of new online casino entrepreneurs also opened the market for many gambling software companies.


How it Works

A price per head shop doesn’t actually develop the games that it offers as part of its Pay per Head casino software services.

Instead, they get this product from a third-party provider. This way, the bookmaking agent can relax by knowing that the gambling software that he’s working with is fail-proof.

And, it also guarantees sports betting players that each and every hand that is played is completely legal.

This is of course much different than the custom bookie software provided by a large PPH shop, which is usually created by in-house developers.


The Deal

A top price per head shop doesn’t offer its Pay per Head casino software as part of its standard services package.

Instead, it offers it as an extra solution, for an extra small weekly fee per active player.

Now, just like with horses and sports betting, the PPH shop never touches a cent from the bookmaker’s players.

This means that the funds that are available at the client’s account are entirely a negotiation between the bookmaking agent and the player.

So, for example, a bookie adds $1000 of credit on account of a given player.

If the client loses these funds, it is up to the bookmaking agent to collect them back.

And of course, if the player wins, it is also up to the bookie to pay up the winnings.

The cash that the price per head shop actually sees is related to the weekly fee that is charged for using the Pay per Head casino software services. That’s it!

This is good and bad for the bookie. The reason is because the bookmaker is assuming all the risk.

Now, a few top price per head companies out there are also willing to partner with the bookmaker.

And they do it by assuming some of the financial risk in exchange for a portion of the bookie’s weekly earnings.

With things like that, it is really up to the bookie to decide if he wants to assume all the risk and get all the winnings. Or, sharing the financial risk and splitting the profits.


The Games

Assuming that you’re dealing with a well known price per head shop; chances are that you’re going to get an outstanding selection of games. Including Pay per Head Poker.

Although most players have their favorite games; it doesn’t hurt to count with a large variety of online casino games. Especially when sports betting players are feeling like trying something out of the ordinary.

The standard games that you’ll get as part of your Pay per Head casino software services are:

  • Pay per Head Poker
  • Black Jack
  • Roulette
  • Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Many Others

What Happens If you Avoid Using This Solution

If you fail to incorporate Pay per Head casino software services to your bookmaking operation can be costly.

The reason is because sports betting players know that there are many gambling software entrepreneurs; or large online casinos that can take their action.

So if you fail to incorporate this casino solution to your wagering business, your players are just going to leave you.

In the best of cases, a player that wants to play some games is just going to search for someone that can provide him with this specific service.

In the worst of cases, the player can decide to leave the bookie entirely in order to search for a single provider of both wagering and gambling solutions.


Great to Attract New Bettors

A great additional advantage of counting with Pay per Head casino software services is that you’re able to use this solution as a hook to attract new customers.

You can do this by offering prospects a free casino bonus.

For example, if you’re at the local sports bar, and there are good prospects, but it is currently low season; you can offer a few free casino hands in order to initiate a business relationship with those bettors.

This is great, because by the time the high sports season is on, many new casino players will turn to you for their sports betting action as well.


Doing It Well

Just like with your sports betting business, you need to be careful about who you allow to use your Pay per Head casino software services.

This is because just like with sports wise guys, there are many casino players out there that would like to take advantage of your gambling business.

At first, it is recommended that you only grant this online casino solution to your sports betting clients.

Then, you can gradually start offering the casino games to different people that doesn’t necessary belong to your bookmaking portfolio.

Now, if you do the latter, be careful. Make sure that the person you’re offering the online casino solution to has a good reputation.

Preferably, if you accept gamblers that are not your own sports bettors, try to get them out of referrals.

That way, both you and the players can get the most out of your Pay per Head casino software services.

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