Pay per Head Casino: Expand Your Business, Or Start a New One

If you’re a bookmaking agent, counting with Pay per Head casino offshore services is essential.

Pay per Head Casino: Expand Your Business, Or Start a New One
Pay per Head Casino: Expand Your Business, Or Start a New One

This is an additional solution that you can get from a PPH shop; and it is one that can increase your profits dramatically.


Pay per Head Casino: The Software

Getting Pay per Head Casino offshore services means that you also get access to the casino data management portion of your sportsbook software.

This area of the bookmaking software is blocked for standard price per head sports betting solutions. However, when the top bookmaker makes the request for it, this area becomes available. And this allows the sports betting agent to:

  • Check the current gambling action of his players
  • Increase or decrease credit limits
  • Open or close accounts


Check current action: By using the Pay per Head Casino reports provided by the price per head shop; the bookie is able to check how good or how bad his gambling clients are doing, in real time.

This means that the top bookmaker can take important decisions based on the information he’s presented with.

For example, the bookmaking agent can check which Pay per Head Casino clients are bringing him the most profits; and which customers are actually taking substantial earnings to their own pockets.

And, by analyzing such data; the bookie can decide if keeping a given player is good for the overall wagering and gambling operation or not.


Increase or decrease credit: This is another great feature that the bookie will find when using his Pay per Head Casino software.

The top bookmaker always has the option of adding as much credit to a given account as he wants to; or, on the other hand, the bookie is also able to decrease the credit limit of any player.

The reasons for increasing or decreasing betting limits are many. And with that said, it is important to recall that the price per head shop has nothing to do with the amounts reflected on player’s accounts.

This means that the PPH shop only charges a weekly price per head fee to the bookie. This is for allowing him to use the Pay per Head Casino software; and for his players to use the games (including pph poker).

So, the actual credit amount that is reflected on such accounts is a personal, private agreement between the bookie and each individual player.


Open or close accounts: Another top feature related to Pay per Head Casino software is the ability for bookmaking agents to open or close accounts.

This means that the top bookmaker is always able to open new accounts himself.

And, if he requires to, he can also close the accounts of players that the bookie feels aren’t profitable for his gambling operation.


Pay per Head Casino for the Player

When a bookie acquires a Pay per Head Casino solution, he’s ready to start making considerable extra profits.

The reason is because most sports bettors play casino games. So, when the top bookmaker makes this price per head service available; he doesn’t need to start looking for clients outside, as his own players can become his first customers.

With that said, once the clients of the bookmaking agent become aware of this price per head solution; it is important for the bookie to immediately start looking for new prospects for his new Pay per Head Casino operation.

Getting Clients

Finding clients for his gambling business shouldn’t have to be a complicated task for a bookie. This is because games like pph poker are increasing in popularity every day.

So, a bookmaking agent can just visit a place where gamblers reunite. If the bookie lives in an area with an actual casino, that’s the place to start with; as a simple visit to this location can turn into a number of new, easy client conversions for the sports betting agent.


Pay per Head Casino Games

If the top bookmaker is working with a reputable price per head shop; chances are that players are going to be delighted with the games they’ll be presented with.

Across all platforms

It is very important the Pay per Head Casino games to be available for all top platforms.

This means that the player should be able to enjoy his preferred Pay per Head Casino game (such as pph poker) using his:

  • Desktop computer
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile device (both iPhone and Android)

This is more than relevant, as not all players want the same experience; so by making this price per head service available across all key platforms; your chances of getting substantial earnings from this portion of your operation are very positive.


If You’re Not a Bookie, This is Also For You!

Now, if you’re not a bookmaking agent, you can still become a Pay per Head Casino services provider!

So, instead of starting a wagering operation; you’re just getting the Pay per Head Casino solution from the price per head shop.

This means that once you’re setup, you can have your own full casino; and all you have to do is to pay a weekly price per head fee.

Doubtlessly, this is an outstanding deal that is all in your benefit as a new gaming entrepreneur.

With that said, you can always opt for also offering wagering offshore services to your Pay per Head Casino clients.

For example, it may be the case that some of your current gamblers are also sports bettors; but, right now they’re getting their action somewhere else.

In that case, and in order to prevent future similar situations; once you sign up a brand new client, make sure to tell the gambler that you can also offer him sportsbook solutions.

Now, this can vary between different gambling entrepreneurs. And the reason is because some of them may not know enough about sports betting to actually operate such business.


A price per head gambling solution is definitely for the sports betting agent that’s ready to increase his profits dramatically in an effortless way.

And, it is also for gaming entrepreneurs ready to create their own gambling empires using Pay per Head Casino services.

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