Pay per Head Demo Account: Testing Bookie Software Before Paying

A Pay per Head Demo is great because it allows bookmaking agents to check how sportsbook software works.

Pay per Head Demo Account: Testing Bookie Software Before Paying
Pay per Head Demo Account: Testing Bookie Software Before Paying

If you’re a sports betting agent, you definitely need custom bookie software to manage your data.

Indeed, bookmaking software is data management at its best.


Pay per Head Demo: Where to Find It

In order to find a Pay per Head Demo, you need to search for a price per head shop.

This is a PPH offshore services provider that offers this third-party solution to the top bookmaker.

You can start your research online. Make some phone calls and see which PPH shop can offer you the best Pay per Head Demo.

Now, the fact that the price per head shop is able to offer you a Pay per Head Demo is crucial to determine if you really want to do business with such PPH shop.

If you call some price per head companies and realize that they don’t even offer a Pay per Head Demo; chances are that you’re wasting your time.

So, when making your research for the best sportsbook software for sports betting agents; make sure to immediately cross off your list the PPH offshore services providers that don’t offer a Pay per Head Demo.

The reason for this is because if the PPH shop can’t provide with a Pay per Head Demo to its clients; chances are that it doesn’t offer an in-house product.


In-House Sportsbook Software

The price per head companies that offer you a Pay per Head Demo most likely create their own sportsbook software.

This is very important, because it means that you’re going to receive technical support from the same people that created the product.

This is indeed quite advantageous; as sports betting agents can always contact the offshore high-tech call center to get in touch with a bookie software specialist at any given time.

With that said, if you’re dealing with a reputable price per head shop; the scenario where you have to constantly get in touch with technical support is not very conceivable.


Pay per Head Demo: What to Look For

When getting a Pay per Head Demo for bookie software, these are the things you need to look for:

•    Easy to Use
•    Bookie Reports
•    Free, No Commitment
•    Casino Demo


Easy to Use

The sportsbook software must be very easy to manipulate, and the Pay per Head Demo must show you this.

So, this is actually the very first thing you should pay attention to.

If the bookie software you’re getting from the price per head shop is not user-friendly, don’t waste your time.

This is because you want to acquire this product in order to start using it right away.

And, if the bookmaking software you’re getting requires a long learning curve; it will take you a while until you feel comfortable and fully familiarized with the data management tool.


Bookie Reports

Another feature you should verify when checking the Pay per Head Demo are the bookie reports.

These reports are used by the top bookmaker to check the figures related to his sports betting and gaming operation.

There are different bookie reports, and some of the top ones are:

•    Daysheet: This is a report that allows the bookie to check the house figures.

•    Management: This particular report allows the sports betting agent to check the different players or sub-agents that are part of his bookmaking and gambling portfolio.

•    Line and Exposure: This one shows the bookie the current lines that are live for players to bet. And it also shows the exposure your wagering operation has on each sporting event.

•    Real-Time Betting: Using this report, the bookie can check the current wagering action as it’s happening.

•    Open Bets: This is a report that shows all the current open wagers.

A good indication that you’re getting the right bookmaking software is the number of reports it contains.

So, the more reports, the better. If the Pay per Head Demo shows that the bookie software contains more than 15 reports, you’re ok.



Free, No Commitment

It is also important that the price per head shop offers you the Pay per Head Demo without any commitments.

This means that you should be able to test the bookie software for a determined period of time; without paying a single cent.

And, after that period, you, as a bookie, should be able to decide if you want to use such bookmaking software or not.

If you’re told that you’re getting access to the bookie software under the condition of signing up for good; you should look for a different alternative.

The reason is because this is the kind of price per head shop that can’t guarantee the quality of its product.

So, it forces the customer to acquire the product. In other words, the Pay per Head Demo, is like a forced discount for the first month of service.

On the other hand, a reputable PPH shop doesn’t forces the sports betting agent to acquire the bookie software because quality is guaranteed; and there is no fear of product rejection.

So, this last type of price per head shop is the kind you want to get your sportsbook software from.


Casino Demo

The last feature you should test when using your preferred Pay per Head Demo is the PPH shop’s casino software.

If you only request sports betting software, then that’s all you’re going to get.

So, make sure to also ask for the casino demo in order to test out the games, including PPH Poker; that your customers will be using.

If the price per head shop you’re testing out doesn’t offer you a casino demo;  or even the possibility of offering your clients casino games, then this is an option you should avoid.

On the other hand, if the Pay per Head Demo you’re getting contains all the above features; and it’s also an in-house product, chances are that this is the kind of bookmaking software that will really make the difference for your wagering and gambling operation.

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