Pay per Head Explained: Bookie Services for a Price per Head Fee

Pay per head explained is information for those looking to create their own sports betting and gaming operations.

Pay per Head Explained: Bookie Services for a Price per Head Fee
Pay per Head Explained: Bookie Services for a Price per Head Fee

If you’re a bookie, and wants to know what is pay per head; and how these bookmaking and gambling services can help you, this article is for you.


Pay per Head Explained: What is it?

Pay per Head Explained, is simply to provide an answer to the question: what is pay per head?

The answer is: Pay per Head are data management services for bookies, offered for a weekly price per head fee.

As you can see, PPH its all about offering the kind of solutions bookmaking agents need to remain competitive.


Pay per Head Explained: The Fee

When you hire the services of a PPH shop, there is a price per head fee involved.

This means that every week, the PPH shop is going to count how many of your clients used its bookmaking or gambling solutions; and its going to charge you a price per head, or price per every player.

So, if only 25 out of your 50 players used the services of the price per head shop during a given week; you only pay for those 25 clients.

This is great for the top bookmaker, because it means that he’s using a Pay per Head service that’s based on actual usage.


Pay per Head Explained: The Services

Pay per Head involves 3 main services:

  • Mobile, or Online Betting
  • Call Center Services
  • Casino Games


Pay per Head Explained: Mobile or Online Betting

This is the main Pay per Head service for the bookie software entrepreneur. The reason for this is because mobile betting makes it real simple for sports bettors to get their action.

Even if they find themselves busy at events that aren’t related to sports; bettors can always get their action on time, simply by opening a web browser, and choosing their favorite lines.

Mobile wagering is great, because it allows the player to confirm the wager before its final.

This instantly eliminates the disputes factor. Meaning that the sports bettor needs to confirm a wager twice before its finally live.

So, after the double confirmation by the client, the latter is fully agreeing to the wager, and line, or lines included in it.

Mobile betting also works as a great marketing tool.

The reason is because the majority of sports bettors and gamblers get their action online. This is a fact, no matter where the player is located in the world.

So, to count with an above-average mobile betting solution is just what the bookmaking agent needs to compete against other bookies.

It really is that simple: without a good online wagering and gambling solution, it will be impossible for the business of a bookie to remain lucrative, long-term.

On the other hand, when a bookie opts for making this Pay per Head service available to his clients; keeping current customers happy, and signing up new prospects on a regular basis, won’t be a problem.


Pay per Head Explained: Call Center Services

As a bookie, you also want to count with high-tech call center solutions. Preferably, these should be offshore services.

This means that you want the price per head shop you’re working with to be located overseas.

The reason for this is because the pay per head shop is working under an environment that is favorable to the wagering and gambling industries.

This is all to the benefit of both the bookie, and his players.

So, by working with an offshore price per head shop, the bookie doesn’t have to attach his monthly profits to expensive overhead costs.

Instead, he can save all his profits; and pay just a small weekly feel for a bookmaking service that includes and outstanding calling solution for his clients.


Pay per Head Explained: Casino Games

A modern bookie definitely wants to offer casino games to his clients. Indeed, this is another great marketing tool for the top bookmaker.

And, in fact, it can also turn out to be a line of direct business for the bookmaking agent.

This is because when the bookmaker, or his sub agents are out there, are recruiting players; they can spot a bettor, and sign that person as a sports customer; and then turn that same player into a casino player.

This also works the other way around. Meaning that the bookie can sign a casino player, and then turn that person into a sports bettor later on.


Pay per Head Explained: Signing Up

To really get Pay per Head Explained, it’s necessary to tell you about how a bookie signs up with a PPH shop.

The first step for this is to find the right price per head shop.

The bookie can do this by doing some online research, and then, by making some phone calls.

The bookie needs the information located online. And some simple research can facilitate this data for the bookie.

This information is either:

  • A contact / sign up form
  • Or a phone number

If you’re dealing with a reputable PPH shop, chances are that when you send a message through a contact / sign up form; you’re going to receive a message within minutes.

This is all good, however, if you really want to know all about the price per head shop; it’s best if you make a phone call.

So, make a call to the price per head shop, and check how they respond to your requests.

If they seem in a hurry to sign you up, it means that they’re likely just after your cash; and won’t provide you with the kind of bookmaking and gambling services that you need to run a competitive business.

On the other hand, if the answers on the other side of the phone sound secure and no pushy at all; it is likely that you’re dealing with a reputable price per head shop that will get you everything you need.

Make sure to take your time to really analyze the different options out there; and don’t forget to make your final choice based on objective facts, not subjective ones.

To have Pay per Head Explained to you is not difficult; as it is really all about price per head shops working for the benefit of bookies, and their clients.

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