Pay per Head for Bookies: What Are These Services, and Getting Them

Getting Pay per Head for Bookies is the best decision to run a sports betting and gaming operation.

Pay per Head for Bookies: What Are These Services, and Getting Them
Pay per Head for Bookies: What Are These Services, and Getting Them


Pay per Head for Bookies: What Is It?

Pay per Head for Bookies include all the solutions an agent needs to allow his players to wager; and also a data management tool to check all the data in real time.

In other words, it is a package of offshore services for the bookmaking agent and his players.

Such package of solutions include:

  • Sportsbook software for the agent
  • Online betting for players
  • Call center wagering for players


Sportsbook software for the agent

Getting Pay per Head for Bookies means that the agent is going to be able to use sportsbook software to manage his operation.

This bookie software makes it possible for the agent to keep an eye on the figures related to his wagering and gambling business.

What’s great about it is that the agent is able to use it from anywhere.

This is because this is a tool that is fully mobile-friendly; allowing the agent to manage his operation using his smartphone or laptop.

These are the main features related to sportsbook software:

  • Customizable reports
  • Live data reporting


Customizable reports

Sports betting and gaming software reports are customizable. They allow the agent to check only the data he needs to see.

The agent can use such reports to analyze important information that can help him improve his profits substantially.


Live data reporting

Combine custom reports with live data, and you have a winning combination.

This is because live data allows the agent to see exactly what’s going on with the current wagering and gambling activity.

And such fresh data is crucial, especially in situations where the agent can lose a lot of cash.

For example, a player is doing unusually good at the casino, or winning all his wagers.

In such cases, something is definitely not right. And having the option of checking live data allows the agent precisely to detect; and put a stop to such unwanted situations.


Online betting for players

Pay per Head for Bookies includes a great online betting solution for players.

This service comes with a fully working online wagering and gambling website.

So, once a bookmaking agent signs up with a price per head shop; his clients automatically gain access to such sports betting and gaming site.

At the website, all a player needs to gain access to his customer account is an alias and a password; which is provided by the agent.

When the player access the wagering area, he will see all the available lines. And if he visits the casino; he can play his favorite games, including PPH Poker.

Now, when the player access his account, he will see his current balance.

The amount that is reflected there is an amount that has been set by the bookmaking agent himself.

This is because the PPH Shop doesn’t participate in money transactions that involves the player.

In fact, all the money the price per head shop perceives is the weekly fees that are charged to the agent for the services provided to him and his clients.


Call center wagering for players

Another outstanding service related to Pay per Head for Bookies is call center wagering.

This is a service players can make use of 24-7, all year.

This means that by working with a PPH Shop; the bookmaking agent is able to continue to provide a personalized and professional calling service.

And what’s best, he can allow his clients to have access to premium call center solutions without grabbing the phone himself.


Pay per Head for Bookies: Picking the Best Services

When looking for Pay per Head for Bookies, you definitely want to have access to the best possible service.

The best way to do this is to find a reputable, trustworthy PPH Shop, and sign up with it.

The best price per head shop is not going to be cheap. But it doesn’t have to be very expensive either.

In fact, when it comes to sports betting and gaming services for agents; you are paying for the kind of services you are getting.

This means that if the solutions you’re getting are too cheap, chances are that they won’t be too good.

And, if they are way too expensive, you will always going to be over-skeptical of the high price tag.

So, you are after the kind of solutions that are affordable; and that can really make the difference for your wagering and gambling operation.

In other words, you want to obtain the best value for your cash.


Pay per Head for Bookies: Getting Started

Getting Pay per Head for Bookies starts with a phone call to a reputable PPH Shop.

Once you’ve found such price per head company, get their number from their website, and call.

The call will be picked up by a new members representative; who is going to tell you exactly what you need to do.

He or she is also going to provide you with any extra information you may need about how to use the services provided.

Such extra info can include training for the sportsbook software and for the casino application.

And, the agent can always contact the price per head shop to get any kind of information he may possibly need.


Pay per Head for Bookies: What’s Next

After getting Pay per Head for Bookies, it’s time to start promoting your wagering and gambling operation.

You can do this by yourself, or you can also opt for hiring the help of sub-agents.

These sub-agents will be in charge of bringing new players to your operation on a regular basis.

And, they can also help you with the collections process. So, if you have a sub-agent from a different region; this person can really act as the full representative of your operation in that particular area.


As you can see, Pay per Head for Bookies can really keep players satisfied; and they can also help the agent run his sports betting and gaming operation seamlessly.

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