Pay per Head Free Trial: One Full Week, No Charge

Do you want to know what you get with a pay per head free trial? If this is the case, this article can clear some doubts on the things you get to experience, free of

Pay per Head Free Trial: One Full Week, No Charge
Pay per Head Free Trial: One Full Week, No Charge

charge, for a full week.


Pay per Head Free Trial: What You Get


Once a top bookmaker signs up with, he’ll get a pay per head free trial. This testing period lasts for a full week, and it allows the sports betting agent to have unlimited access to all the bookie services available.

These noteworthy bookmaking and casino services include:


Access to Sportsbook Software

Your pay per head free trial allows you to try’s sportsbook software.

This bookmaking software was created from scratch by an in-house group of experienced developers.

These professionals are also always available to provide technical assistance when a sports betting agent requires it.

With that said, the product offered is completely tested before it becomes available for the public.

So, technical assistance is mostly provided not by the technicians themselves; but by customer support clerks; whom are able to explain, in detail, the information available on each and every custom bookie report.

In fact, during the full pay per head free trial, the bookie is going to get unlimited access to’s customer support phone lines.

This allows the bookmaking agent to test the sportsbook software, and get as much support and knowledge on the benefits it offers, without having to pay a single cent.


List of Sportsbook Software Reports

Here’s a list of the main reports included within’s sportsbook software:

  • Daysheet
  • Player and Sub-Agent Management
  • Live Lines and Current Exposure
  • Real Time Betting
  • Open Bets
  • History
  • Player Standings
  • Cash Flow
  • Hold Percentage
  • Agent Exposure for the Week
  • Agent Exposure by Game
  • Action by Player
  • Player Totals

For more information, check this custom bookie software page. There you will find more details on what each one of the aforementioned reports has to offer to sports betting agents.


High Tech Call Center for Players

If you want to sign up to get bookie services, and you feel that the pay per head free trial is just a bonus to the signing process; then you can tell your players, right away, that they can start using the offshore call center to place their bets.

On the other hand, if you feel that you just want to test out the sportsbook software for the moment; then you can chose delaying telling your sports betting players about this service.

Of course, once, or even before the pay per head free trial is over, you can officially sign up with; and allow your players to start enjoying the benefits of the offshore call center from that point forward.



Here are the main benefits related to this betting-over-the-phone service:

Offshore Call Center: Calls are made to an overseas territory.

Sports Betting and Horses: Players can call directly to either the sports betting, or the horse betting room. This contributes to a more personalized service.

Open All Day, Everyday: Calls are taken at the offshore call center non-stop, year round. This guarantees that players will always get their action on time.

Latest Technology: Counting with state-of-the-art communication tools guarantees no down times.

Multilingual: Wagers can be placed in either english, spanish, mandarin, and cantonese.


Web Betting

As part of your pay per head free trial, you also get to test-drive the web betting services that your clients will receive.

To count with a online sports betting for players is definitely a must-have nowadays. The reason is because you want to be head-to-head with any other bookmaking agents.

And actually, using a noteworthy online betting solution allows you, as a top bookmaker, to compete against the big online sportsbooks; and this is because the quality of the service is at the same level for both offerings.


Online Casino

With your pay per head free trial, sports betting agents also get to try’s online casino.

This service includes all the most popular games, plus exclusive offerings, such as pph poker.

Although a bookmaking agent may just be looking for sportsbook software, chances are that getting online casino games for his clients, as an extra, is definitely a win-win situation.

The reason is because you, as a bookie, can make some extra money on top of your sports betting winnings.

And, your customers will satisfy their desire to play online casino games, including pph poker; without having to visit an external source.


Using your Pay per Head Free Trial


In order to have access to your pay per head free trial, the very first thing you can do is to contact


You can do this by either:


1. Visiting

If you choose to get in touch with using the website, you have two options:

  • You can get immediate attention from a new clients representative simply by visiting the site, and clicking on the live help window that will automatically show up in front of your screen.
  • The second option is to fill out the form that is located in the right hand side of the screen. Just add the requested information, and a new clients rep will get back to you ASAP.


2. Calling

The easiest and fastest way to get access to your pay per head free trial is definitely by calling

Dial 1-888-774-7467, and tell the new clients rep about your particular situation as a bookie. Including info on how many sports betting clients you currently have, and what your plans for expansion are.

That way, the new clients rep will create a special services package that will perfectly accommodate your needs.


And, with everything in place, you will be granted full access to your free-of-charge testing week.

Now, once the testing time is over, you are free to choose whether you want, or not, to continue to run your wagering business with the help of

So, take some time to put your information together, and call or visit now if you want to get your pay per head free trial.



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