Pay per Head Info: Affordable Sportsbook Services for Bookies

If you want Pay per Head Info, chances are that you’re looking for affordable sportsbook services for bookies.

Pay per Head Info: Affordable Sportsbook Services for Bookies
Pay per Head Info: Affordable Sportsbook Services for Bookies


Pay per Head Info: Offshore Services are the Best Option

The most valuable piece of Pay per Head Info you can get right here, right now, is that you should work with a PPH offshore services provider.

The reason is because this is the type of company that can save substantially in overhead costs.

And then, the price per head shop invests those savings into acquiring the best human talent and technology to satisfy your needs; and those of your players.

These are the services offered by a PPH Shop that can really make the difference for your sports betting and gaming operation:

  • Sportsbook software
  • Online wagering and gambling website
  • Access to call center betting


Sportsbook Software

Getting Pay per Head Info includes getting familiar with sportsbook software.

This is the tool that you can see to monitor the action of your players in real time.

It also allows you to manage customer accounts, and the data of your sub-agents.

This data management tool is fully mobile.

This means that you can access it from anywhere in the world.

And the reason for that is because this is a service that works online.

So, all you need is a good connection to the web, and your favorite mobile device.

What’s great about this bookie software is that it’s completely user-friendly.

This means that once you get it, you should be able to start using immediately.

The reason why reputable price per head shops make their wagering and gambling software so accessible is because they know there are may different types of agents out there.

Some with more online experience, and some with less.

So, the tool is especially designed to allow even the most novice of bookies to become an expert without any particular training.



This bookmaking software offers a good variety of great reports.

These allow the agent to have an overall picture of his wagering and gambling operation.

Such reports allows you to check current winnings versus losses.

This allows you to determine which areas of your business are more profitable, and where are the losses being originated.

Doubtlessly, this is really valuable Pay per Head Info that can help you increase your profits substantially.


Online wagering and gambling website

When you sign up with a reputable price per head shop; the services provided includes a website where your players can place bets or play casino games, such as PPH Poker.

You can opt for the standard site. This is the online service that includes a site that’s shared by other bookmaking agents and their respective customers.

If you’re looking for a great web betting service for your players that’s also affordable, then this is your best choice.

Now, you can also get a customized site. This option will cost you a little extra cash.

But, considering all the advantages you obtain, it’s totally worthy of your money.

This is a site where only your clients are going to be getting their action at.

This means that just by paying an affordable weekly fee to the PPH shop, you can get your own site; including any domain name you want.

Custom site options include:

  • Domain name
  • Site design
  • Online casino


Domain name

Having your own sports betting and gaming site means that you can pick your favorite domain name.

This means that you can really personalize every single aspect of the site.

And this particular personalization feature allows you to work under your very own flag.

Doubtlessly, this is another important piece of Pay per Head Info that you should consider when choosing what kind of site you want for your business.


Site design

You can also pick your favorite site design. This means that the website can look as you want to.

In other words: the site can be as simple, or as professional as your sports betting and gaming operation requires it.

So, when comparing an online price per head customized site for bookies, with one from a large sportsbook; there’s really no difference to the eyes of a prospective bettor.

This is important. And the reason is because with a professional custom site you can compete directly with the large names in the industry.


Online casino

Now, you can also take things to the next level by acquiring an online casino. This is also relevant Pay per Head Info you should consider.

This is also a service that’s considered an extra. But, it’s really profitable, so the extra investment basically pays itself.

What’s great about this service is that it allows you to duplicate your earnings instantaneously.

The reason is because you already have the clients for your casino: your own sports bettors.

This means that your gambling services can be immediately successful, allowing your business to grow substantially.


Access to call center betting

Pay per Head info also includes the fact that players can get their action over the phone through an offshore call center.

This means that when you become a client of a PPH Shop, your players can get their action over the phone; and completely free of charge.

As part of the deal, you get your own 1-800 number. This personalizes your operation even more. Allowing you to count with both a customized wagering and gambling website, and also your own toll free number.

This is really advantageous because it allows you to market your business in an easier way.

Now, you want a calling service that’s provided by a price per head company located offshore.

It’s actually better if you can make a deal with a PPH shop from Costa Rica.

This is because this is the country that offers the best conditions for a PPH services provider to operate without a problem.

This includes the most skilled wagering agents, the best customer service, and full tech support.


So, hopefully the above Pay per Head Info can help you identify the best price per head companies so you can pick the right one, and get the services that can truly empower your operation.

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