Pay per Head Live Casino: How It Works, Where to Get It

Using a Pay per Head Live Casino service can really help you attract new clients to your bookie business easily.

Pay per Head Live Casino: How It Works, Where to Get It
Pay per Head Live Casino: How It Works, Where to Get It

This is a solution that’s part of the offshore services (including bookie software) provided by the best and most reputable PPH Shops from Costa Rica.


Pay per Head Live Casino: How it works

A Pay per Head Live Casino works with real dealers.

This means that when players access their online casino accounts, they have the option of placing bets using the regular games platform.

Or they can also choose to play with a live dealer.

These dealers are really attractive and skilled girls whom act as real casino dealers.

And this is exactly the hook for a lot of gamblers because many of them really enjoy the experience of playing casino online with the help of a real person on the other side of the screen.

Now, the available games are the same as those found in actual casinos; plus other outstanding extras such as PPH Poker.


Pay per Head Live Casino: How to get it

In order to get your own Pay per Head Live Casino service, the first step is to look for the right PPH company.

You can do this by using the internet, and once you’ve found a couple of PPH Shops you like; then you should contact them over the phone.

This is because this will give you the chance of checking out who’s behind the PPH operation; allowing you to determine which PPH company can actually fulfill your needs as a bookmaking agent.

Now, when you find a PPH Shop that you’re interested in, you have different options to make contact:

Over the phone: this is the easiest way, and the fastest. Once you get a PPH representative on the phone, you have the chance of asking all the questions you want, and get the answers you need.
Live Chat: You can also click the live chat button on the PPH Shop’s website, and you’ll also get immediate attention.
Contact form / direct email: Or, you can simply send your info and your questions using the contact form located on the PPH Shop’s website, or send a direct email.

Now, make sure to contact only PPH companies located in Costa Rica as this guarantees that your players are going to get the best possible service, and that you’ll get the best possible price per head weekly fee.


Pay per Head Live Casino: It’s an extra

Now, it’s important to point out that a Pay per Head Live Casino is a service that’s obtained as an extra.

This means that when you sign up with a PPH Shop, your players automatically get access to sports betting solutions.

But, if you want to be able of accessing the casino area of the PPH website; you need to request this service from the PPH Shop as an extra.

With that said, this is a solution that will increase your profits dramatically; so paying the extra cash that it costs won’t be a problem at all as you can get such cash out of your own casino earnings.


Pay per Head Live Casino: Advantages

The Pay per Head Live Casino service from a top PPH Shop comes with many advantages, but these are the main two:

It allows you to market your services easily
It’s safe and secure


It allows you to market your services easily

When you work with a Pay per Head Live Casino, you can market your bookie services in an easier way.

This is because this is a very attractive gambling solution that immediately sets you apart from regular bookmakers.

So, by counting with this solution; you can market your services knowing that you have the edge that can help you to get as many client conversions as you want.

Plus, these services also allows you to offer your bookmaker solutions not only to sports bettors; but also to gamblers.

This is great because it broads your business perspective considerably, allowing you to cater to a larger market.


It’s safe and secure

Now, this Pay per Head Live Casino solution it’s also very safe and secure.

This means that your players are able to play all they want, knowing that the games are completely fair.

And, such games are also very secure because players are not required to provide their personal information.

In fact, all they need to get their live gambling action is a simple user name and password; and that’s provided by you, the bookmaking agent.

This means that the bookie is always the one that holds the personal info of his clients!

In other words: the info of your players is never going to be available online.

And this is a factor that can definitely please your customers because players are very fond of their privacy.


Pay per Head Live Casino: Try it for free

When you sign up with a reputable PPH Shop from Costa Rica, you can test out the different services for free; including the Pay per Head Live Casino.

With that said, make sure to sign up with a PPH Shop that gives you the free trial without having to ask for it.

This is because this is a great indication that the services provided by the PPH Shop are great; and that they are not afraid of letting bookies to test everything out for free.

On the other hand; there are new PPH Shops that won’t be able to satisfy your needs or that of your players.

And these are the kind of PPH companies that won’t offer you a trial period right away, so you should avoid them.

Now, when it comes to the trial itself; if you’re working with a good PPH Shop, you’ll likely get a FULL FREE WEEK!

This is enough time for you to access the sportsbook software; and the services for your players in order to verify that everything is great.


As you can see, to have access to your own Pay per Head Live Casino is not that complicated, and all begins by contacting the right PPH company.

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