Pay per Head Poker: Types of Sports Betting Players

If you’re wondering why Pay per Head poker is so popular, this article is just for you.

Pay per Head Poker: Types of Sports Betting Players
Pay per Head Poker: Types of Sports Betting Players

Here you will find information on the different types of Pay per Head poker players; and why you, as a top bookmaker, should consider offering it to your sports betting and gaming clients.


Pay per Head Poker: Types of Players

When it comes to Pay per Head poker, there are 5 types of players.

And, getting familiar with these player types will help you market your price per head bookie software services in an easier way.


The Fun Player

This Pay per Head poker player just plays because he likes it.

He plays small, and it is rare for this type of sports betting player to venture into the no-limit zone.

This is actually the player that can be the most representative for all Pay per Head poker players out there.

The reason is because most players enjoy playing Pay per Head poker because they just want to have a good time.

Especially when they have they option of playing Pay per Head poker on their mobiles.

Although a few of these players make some cash, most of them don’t. And that’s ok with them; because all they want is to enjoy themselves.


The Fun, Competitive Player

This is a type of Pay per Head poker player that shares a lot of attributes with the type above.

The difference however, is that this Pay per Head poker player enjoys the competitive side of the game.

They appreciate the skill involved; and also know that they can get good at Pay per Head poker only if they practice and pay rigorous attention.

It is likely that this type of player is not really playing for cash either. On this case, again, it is very important to win; however, winning is seeing as a success symbol; nothing more.

When these Pay per Head poker players make some money; they feel really good about themselves because they know that they’ve beaten the odds against a difficult game.

And, they are not just amateurs. They can actually be found at all levels of professional Pay per Head poker.

Indeed, if the experience is satisfying, these sports betting players really don’t care about losing a few hands.


The Fun + Spend Cash Player

Going a step up the ladder of professionalism, we find this Pay per Head poker player.

He definitely cares a little bit more about money that the previous ones.

This is the type of player that looks for a Pay per Head sportsbook software operator.

They are good; however, they know that in order to beat their bookmaking agent, they need to step up their game even more by:

  • Always look out for weak games
  • Change rooms constantly, at different nights, and at different times
  • Study as much as possible on the subject
  • Never stop working on personal strategy
  • Keep positive overall historical records
  • Always join the discussion groups

As you can see, this can be quite demanding for any Pay per Head poker player.

For the most part, these are individuals that don’t see this game as their main focus on life.

Instead, they have their day jobs, families and friends. Besides the fact that their personal lives demands much of their time; they also don’t want to put the effort to become extra good in order to become regular winners.

Their overall goal is to actually beat the game, make some money, and of course, have fun.

Think about these sports betting players as those that see Pay per Head poker as the perfect pastime.


The Semi-Pro

Now, this is really where things start to get serious. And the reason is because these Pay per Head poker player do play for the cash.

They, like the ones above them, also have day jobs and personal commitments. However, they have made an effort to get good at Pay per Head poker because they want to win.

In fact, this is a source of much needed additional funds to complement their lifestyles.

They study the game, and are able to learn every single trick and strategy that can give them an edge.

They can make a joke here and there at the table; however, their full focus is on the cash that they can make.

You can recognize these Pay per Head poker players because they don’t play games with bad-bead jackpots, they don’t tip as much as others, and they play online a lot.


The Pro

Doubtlessly, this is a small, select group of global Pay per Head poker players that have managed to made of the game, the source of their wealth.

This is truly like a small fraternity! In fact, it is believed that no more than 1% or 2% of all Pay per Head poker players in the world are professionals.

The rest falls in the other categories above this one.

For these players, their whole life is Pay per Head poker.

This is how they make their living. If they don’t win, they don’t have the cash they need to pay for their lifestyle choices.

Pros are the ones that really commit themselves to become the best version of Pay per Head poker players they can be.

And they do it because they know that they are investing their full time on this one single activity.

Meaning that they need to be good in order to have the opportunity of acquiring the kind of wealth that can allow them to retire as wealthy Pay per Head poker players.

These are the main types of players, however, the large majority fall somewhere in between.

And, many of these individuals are already part of your bookmaking portfolio.

All you need to do as a price per head bookie is to makes this pay per head sportsbook service available to your players.

And that way, you can start cashing in on this outstanding Pay per Head sportsbook solution.

Remember that if you fail to integrate a good Pay per Head poker service to your wagering operation; you run the risk of losing those profits to other bookies or online casinos.

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