Pay per Head Price: What Bookies Get For Their Cash

The Pay per Head price that you’ll get for sportsbook software, call center access, mobile sports betting, and casino games; is entirely based on

Pay per Head Price: What Bookies Get For Their Cash
Pay per Head Price: What Bookies Get For Their Cash

the quality of those bookmaking and gambling offshore services.

You want to get the best value for your cash. And, in order to do so, you need to pick the right price per head shop.


Pay per Head Price: Picking a PPH Shop

As a top bookmaker, you want to operate with a reputable PPH shop. This is because this is the kind of bookmaking software company that is able to offer high-quality solutions; for a price that is reasonable, and that it also benefit both sides.

This is the kind of price per head shop that’s located offshore, in a country such as Costa Rica.

The reason for this is because you want to work with a PPH shop whose data management services are provided by experienced sports betting and gaming professionals.

And, Costa Rica is actually a gambling mecca, where seasoned wagering services pros are abundant.

This guarantees that you as bookie, and your players, are going to receive first-hand, specialized client attention.

Needless to say, this benefits you, personally, a great deal. And, it also serves as an outstanding marketing tool.


Pay per Head Price: Getting What You Need

When searching for bookmaking software services, don’t just focus on getting the best possible Pay per Head price.

Instead, focus on what you really need. On the tools and solutions that can really make the difference for your sportsbook operation.

If a given bookie software solutions provider is offering you a great Pay per Head price; and also the high-quality solutions that you need to satisfy the needs of your demanding customers; then this is the PPH shop you should sign up with.

And, as a bookie, what is it exactly that you need? Focus on these elements:


Your Own 800 Number

The Pay per Head price you’re paying should include your own 800 number. This makes it possible for players to call in for their action, free of charges.

This means that when the player contacts the price per head high-tech call center, the call is free for him.

And, all the bookie is charged for is the weekly fee for such player.

So, the player can call for free as much as he wants during the week; and the fee for that customer remains the same.

Not only is this good for the pocket of the bookie; but it is yet another great tool to entice current clients to get more action, and to attract new prospects to your door.


Access to a Custom Website

Most top PPH shops offer bookies generic websites for their players. This means that clients of many bookmaking agents all use the same exact website.

This is all good, and there is no problem with using this standard solution.

However, if you want your sports betting business to stand out; you can request the PPH shop to create a custom website, for an extra Pay per Head price.

This is a website that only you players will use. This gives you the privilege of being able to advertise your wagering and gambling business using your own domain name.

And, apart from your own domain, you can also select your favorite design for the site.


Full Mobile Capabilities

In order to close the deal with a given Pay per Head sportsbook services provider, this is an element that is, indeed, crucial.

This is because you want to offer your players a mobile platform that makes it very easy for them to get their action.

You want a speedy service that is very user-friendly, and that is available for both android and apple devices.

Remember that the majority of bettors out there really enjoy placing their action in private; So, by offering a really good mobile service; you make sure you’re players are fully satisfied with this area of your sports betting operation.


Custom Sportsbook Software Reports

Another thing you will need in order to have an edge over your players are custom reports. These are part of the sportsbook software you get from the PPH shop.

Being able to customize your own reports allows you to see just the information you need, and nothing more.

This is really good, as it allows you to focus on what’s important; instead of wasting your time as a bookie analyzing things that are not currently relevant.


Custom Lines

As a bookmaking agent, you also want to have the opportunity of setting your own custom lines.

Although the PPH shop provides you with outstanding daily lines for your players to bet on; you may also want to move a line a little bit up or down; or even create a line nobody else is offering!


Casino Games

If you’re a bookie, and you’re not offering casino games to your players; then you aren’t making as much money as you could make.

The reason is because your current players are most likely also gamblers; and since you’re not able to satisfy this need, they are being forced to play with online casinos.

If you want to avoid this scenario, you can request this service from the PPH shop; for an additional weekly Pay per Head price.

So, just by adding an extra solution to your package of services, you are considerably increasing your profits; and without having to add a single extra player.


Pay per Head Price: Negotiate

Now, if you’re dealing with a top PPH shop, chances are that they’ll be open to negotiate their Pay per Head price.

This means that you’ll have the opportunity to talk directly with a representative at the PPH shop; with the goal of closing the best possible deal for your sports betting operation.

This is great because this is the third-party bookmaking and casino services provider that you’ll be dealing with for the long-term.

And, having the opportunity to negotiate your weekly Pay per Head price means that you’re starting the relationship with the PPH shop with the right foot.

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