Pay per Head Reports: All The Bookie Benefits Explained

When you get your bookie software from a top PPH company from Costa Rica, you’ll get the best Pay per Head Reports.

Pay per Head Reports Explained: All The Bookie Benefits Explained
Pay per Head Reports Explained: All The Bookie Benefits Explained

These are the reports that will show you all the information you’ll need so that you can take the best decisions for your sports betting operation.


Pay per Head Reports: Briefly Explained

Now, here’s a brief explanation on the different Pay per Head Reports you’ll get:



This is an outstanding report that allows you, the bookmaking agent, to have full control over the weekly house figures.

This data also includes the information provided by your sub-agents.



Next on our list of the best bookie software Pay per Head Reports is the management report.

This one shows you a complete list of all the players and sub agents that are currently under your command.

Using this report, you can edit any type of information related to the accounts of sub-agents or players.


Line and Exposure:

Knowing the actual exposure of your bookmaking operation on each game is paramount.

And this report offers this great info in a very detailed way, including the actual status of every single line; for every single game.


Real-Time Wagering:

Out of the many Pay per Head Reports, this is the one that allows you to check all the incoming action from your players, IN REAL TIME!

You can also personalize this particular report with different options such as wager details, refresh time; and wager history.
And needless to say, this is definitely one of the offshore services you want to count with.


Open Wagers:

This is the sportsbook software report that shows you all the current open wagers, for all of your active clients.

What’s great about this report is that you can use filters to obtain even more detailed data.

These filters include:

  • The name of the player
  • Type of wager
  • Type of sporting event



If you want to check the previous action of your players, this is the report you should check out.

And that’s because¬† it offers you detailed information on the types of wagers placed by your customers; and also on the amount of each bet, the date, and the result.



This is the report that shows your players and their current betting standings.

This report shows you data related to:

  • The total amount wagered by player during a given week
  • The credit limit
  • Current wagers at risk
  • Amount wagered by bet
  • Amounts won or lost on sports, horses or the online casino


Cash Flow:

Next on our list of Pay per Head Reports is cash flow.

This is a great report that shows all the different money-related transactions made by your customer, because you always want to know how much is coming in.

It will display data by:

  • Player
  • Date of the wager
  • Description of transaction
  • Amount
  • And more…


Hold Percentage:

This report shows you the actual gross amount you’ve made from each player, and from each sub-agent.

It displays info related to this percentage and:

  • Type of bets made by your clients
  • Amount
  • Win-loss percentage for the week
  • Hold percentage for the agent


Hold Percentage by Player:

This report is pretty similar to the one above, but the main difference is that you can check data for a predetermined number of players.

This is indeed an outstanding report that can help you monitor specific players as a group.


Agent Position:

You also want to know your actual exposure on the different games for a given week.

And out of the different Pay per Head Reports, this is the one that shows you that precise info.

This includes data for every game, for all sports, and all line types, because this is the kind o of info you deserve.


Handle Setup:

This is one of the Pay per Head Reports to give back to players, and or sub-agents.

You can use this particular report in order to give your players or agents a weekly percentage of their losses; or another kickback.

And experts agree, that this is definitely a great way to keep promote loyalty, and that’s because you’re keeping everybody happy.



This is a great report that shows the actual percentage your players or sub-agents will get every week, and it’s broken for you on a day-by-day basis.


Agent Exposure by Game:

This is yet another amazing report. It allows you to check the total of action, by wager, and per sporting event.

The info that’s displayed also includes information for the actual game, the type of bet, the time the wager was place at, and even the amount of cash your customers wagered.


Action by Player:

Next on our list of the best Pay per Head Reports is one that’s designed to show you the weekly action of your players, and it’s rich in data, but easy to understand.

Here you can check info such as:

  • Bets placed by the player
  • The amount of cash that was risked on those bets
  • Info on horses or casino action
  • The total weekly outcome


Player Totals:

And last but not least on our list of the best Pay per Head Reports, we have player totals.

This is a report that shows you the weekly totals for all players.

And it also includes a helpful breakdown on the different pending and graded bets; together with the accumulated weekly losses, and the net and current balance displayed for the different player accounts.


How to Get Access To These Pay per Head Reports

Now that you know what the different Pay Per Head Reports can do for your business; it’s time to learn how to get them for your operation.

The first thing is to contact a top Costa Rica PPH Shop.

You can contact them via live help, use a contact form on their website, or send them an email, because these are great methods.

But, if you really want to learn more about the people that’s running the show, your best bet is to make a phone call.

This will help you get the answers you need about these outstanding reports; and also information on the other services that are available for you and your players.

And once everything is crystal clear for you, you’ll get two free weeks to try everything out.

So, you can opt for signing up with the PPH Shop immediately and use those two weeks as a 50% discount off of your first month.

Or you can wait until the two free weeks are over, and then you can decide if you want to remain with the PPH Shop or not.


As you can see, all you need to do to get access to these fabulous Pay per Head Reports is to contact a top Costa Rica PPH company, and sign up now!

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