Pay per Head Service: Top 10 Don’ts of Client Attention

Every single day, you are faced with situations that can make or break the pay per head service interactions you have with the clients of your sports betting and gaming operation.

Pay per Head Service: Top 10 Don’ts of Client Attention
Pay per Head Service: Top 10 Don’ts of Client Attention


Pay per Head Service: 10 Phrases to Avoid


For this reason, we’ve put together a list of the ten phrases we believe you must try to avoid. And we also offer you some good alternatives that can allow you to deliver your message in a much more helpful and polite way.

I Don’t Know

Alternative: I’ll Find Out

When you say “I don’t know” to a current, or prospective client of your bookie pay per head sportsbook software operation, all that the other person is hearing is “I am not willing to go out of my way to get it.”

Instead, when you offer to find the answer to a given question, even if that involves some researching of your own, you will earn the extra trust and confidence that are necessary for you to deliver an optimal pay per head service.



Alternative: What I can Do Is

It is inevitable. Somethings you will have to say No to a determined request from a customer.

But, instead of using a hard No, where there is no option for an alternative, you can start your argument with “what I can do is…”

By doing so, you are showing your clients that you are willing to take a problem-solving approach.


That’s Not My Job

Alternative: This Is Who Can Help You

It is not uncommon that when a given client of your bookie software operation asks you to perform a given task, you may not be authorized for it, or count with the knowledge to do it.

So, what you can do in this situation is to become a catalyst that is able to lead a client to the person that has the proper answers and solutions.


You’re Right, This Stinks

Alternative: I Understand Your Frustration

As the CEO of your own bookmaking and casino operation, when you discover that a client is not happy with something a person or department has done, try to avoid commiserating with him.

Instead of simply agreeing with the opinion expressed by the individual, you can display empathy.

This will allow you to show the other person that you truly care, without having to necessarily agree or disagree in full with her.


That’s Not My Fault

Alternative: Let’s See What We Can Do About This

When a given client of your bookie pay per head service operation accuses you of creating an unwanted situation, it is just natural that you may react in a defensive way.

And this can lead you to the words “that’s not my fault.”

So, instead of using that phrase, try to show as much empathy as possible, and with a positive attitude, say “let’s see what we can do about this.”


You Need to Talk to Someone Else

Alternative: I Can Help You

Sometimes clients of your bookmaking pay per head service company may ask you for help with things you may not be fully familiarized with, or that you simply just don’t manage on a daily basis.

When you are faced with one of these situations, instead of telling the person that she needs to talk to a determined individual, tell her that you can help.

If nobody else actually needs to get involved, take the initiative of trying to solve the problem on your own.

When you do this, you will present yourself as a valuable, proactive pay per head service bookie, which is able to multitask in an efficient way when necessary.


You Want It By When?

Alternative: I’ll Try My Best

When a given client of your bookmaking and casino operation asks you for something difficult or unreasonable, your first reaction may be hostility.

And, you really can’t control what the customers of your bookie pay per head service operation are going to ask you.

So, your best bet is to hold off any unwanted judgements, and try your best to accommodate the requests.

Also, try to avoid promising things that you are sure you won’t be able to deliver, just because you want to sign up a new client.

This is because when you fill the mind of a prospective client of your pay per head service operation with unrealistic expectations, you may be able to get the customer off your back for a while, but it will blow up in your face later on.


Calm Down

Alternative: I’m Sorry

When a customer of your pay per head sportsbook software business is not in a good mood, the worst thing you can do is to tell the person to calm down.

When you say this, you are not showing that you care, even if you really do.

So, instead of telling someone to call down, offer an apology. This will show the client that you are truly sorry for what has happened.

And it will diminish the negative impact the situation has had on the sports betting player, or the casino gambler.


I’m Busy Right Now

Alternative: I’ll Be With You In Just A Moment

Even if you are busy, it is always better to say “I’ll be with you in just a moment.”

When you stop and assist someone, even when you find it difficult to do so right away, you are telling the client of your bookie pay per head service operation that you are aware of his presence, and that you will lay a helping hand ASAP.


Call Me Back

Alternative: I Will Call You Back

If you can’t talk to a given customer when you are contacted over the phone, don’t ask the other party to call you back.

Instead, tell the person that you are going to call her back. This will show the client of your pay per head service company that you are able to take the initiative and be responsive when needed to.

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