Pay per Head Services Bookie: Acquiring More Customers

The question asked by every pay per head services bookie out there is: How can I get more customers?

Pay per Head Services Bookie: Acquiring More Customers
Pay per Head Services Bookie: Acquiring More Customers

Why? Simple: Because clients are, doubtlessly, the lifeblood of any sports betting and gaming business.

  • If you have no customers, you can’t keep your wagering and gambling operation open.
  • Indeed, without clients, you can’t pay your direct staff, or third-party outsourcing collaborators (including your offshore pph shop).
  • And most importantly, without customers, your bookmaking and pph poker business simply can’t grow!


With that said, the truth is that there is no “silver bullet” method that is completely error-free.

Instead, think of getting new customers as a process. And one that takes energy, time, and a big effort on your part, but that will also greatly reward you.

If you really want to count with a healthy pipeline of customers, you need to:


Pay per Head Services Bookie: Best Strategies

Here are some of the best strategies that can allow you to get new customers.


Ask for Referrals, Don’t Wait


Sure, getting referrals is the safest and easiest way to get new clients.

However, as a pay per head services bookie, you need to avoid waiting for referrals to come to you.

Instead, when you sign a new sports bettor or pph poker player, ask for referrals right away.

Offer some kind of incentive that will encourage your clients to want to spread the positive word around. With the intention of getting something of value in exchange for their good word of mouth, of course.


Partner with Sports Betting Agents

Do you have the financial freedom to run a large bookmaking and casino operation?

If your answer is YES, then you can consider bringing small sports betting agents to work for you.

They will act as “sub agents”, and they can provide you with their current and new clients. And, you can cut separate, personal deals with each agent, which will grant a mutual benefit.


Contact Old Clients

Have you been running your bookmaking and pph poker business for some time now?

If so, chances are that you have a list of old clients that you haven’t spoke to in a while.

Take that list, and send a follow up email to each individual to see how they’re going.

On this email, don’t go to business yet. Instead, be friendly, and avoid asking anything related to sales.

If you get a positive answer, give the person a call in order to continue to be friendly, while introducing the business aspect at the same time.

Now, if you don’t get an email back within a few days, try calling the person directly.

It may be the case that the email has changed, so you don’t want to lose any possible new business opportunities because you avoided a simple phone call.



There are a lot of people in your personal and professional networks that can easily hook you up with new clients.

Just like with old clients, don’t go to business right away!

Whether you are in constant contact with a member of your network or not, you can’t sound like a salesman to get sales!

Instead, ask your contacts about what they’ve been up to, and how you can help. And after the conversation has entered into friendly territory, go to business, naturally!


Get Online

As a pay per head services bookie, you have the chance to offer your bookmaking and casino solutions online. Without a problem.

So, don’t waste this opportunity of growing your wagering and gambling business!

You can start by getting very active in social media. Visit all the sites, pages and groups within social media circles where prospective clients usually gather.

You can also visit message boards and forums. Sign up for those sites, and get very active on them.

Again, if you want to make sales, you can’t give the impression of being a pure salesman.

This is because people have a natural aversion to being told what they need to get as consumers.

They instead, prefer to believe that they are getting a given service or product because they are choosing to, even when that may not be fully true.

So, it is in your best interest to present yourself as a friendly commenter. As someone that enjoys the posts of others. And who wants to share his own opinion on different matters.

People will then start befriending you, and seeing you as part of their online communities. Then you can introduce your sports betting and gaming solutions in a way that won’t appear as sales at all.



Another way to get clients online is to generate leads.

For example, you can create a FREE e-Book, which you can give away in exchange for the person’s email.

If you create an e-Book related to the interests of sports bettors or casino gamblers, chances are that those are mostly the kind of individuals that would find your e-Book appealing.

So, they are mostly the ones that will provide you with their personal email. Which you can use in the future to promote yourself as a top pay per head services bookie.


Visit Industry Conferences / Gambling Venues

Just like you can find online clients at web communities of sports bettors or gamblers, you can also find prospects at industry conferences and gambling venues.

When you visit an industry conference, many of the people there can end up being either clients, or even partners of your sports betting and gaming operation.

However, if you want to have the chance of signing up as much people as possible, you need to stay very active while visiting those conferences and venues.

Don’t forget to always pack a healthy number of business cards with you. And hand as many as you can to people that you truly believe can bring some business your side.

If you are a new bookmaking agent, you may not like this strategy. But, if you are a seasoned pay per head services bookie, you may as well try it out!

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