Pay per Head Services Site: Content Management and Creation

The fresher your content, the more attractive your bookie pay per head services site will appear to Google’s spiders.Content Blue Marker

If the web crawlers notice that you are constantly uploading content, the more often they will index the new data.

On the other hand, if you rarely do updates, you chances of being found at the SERPs (search engine results pages) are small because you have so few pages on your pay per head services site.

A positive factor to notice is that the ranking of your existent pages doesn’t get affected because of how often you update your site.

However the search engines will certainly give more value to the content of a bookmaking pay per head services site that always have something fresh to offer searchers.


Pay per head services Site: Working with Stop Words


Stop words are those which are so common, that are usually ignored by the web crawlers. There are of course some exceptions to this rule as search engines might take a stop word into consideration when it is part of a full keyword phrase.


Using a CMS

It is advisable that you work with a CMS or content management system such as WP or WordPress, which allows you to add content properly, including the right kind of titles and descriptions for each one of your new pages.

If you decide not to use WP, make sure that the CMS that you are going to utilize is flexible enough as to let you configure it as per your personal needs.


When Writing, Be Universal

When you are doing your writing, try to sound as universal as possible. This means that in order for you to get the attention of as many prospective clients, you need to write in a way in which most people are going to get what you are trying to say.


Many prospective clients use different words to refer to the same bookie price per head service. For this reason you must try to use as many synonyms of your keywords as possible on the pages of your pay per head services site.

Remember that people search for things in their own words, not yours, so adding synonyms on your HTML tags and also on anchor text of hyperlinks increases your chances of getting hits for a larger variety of keyword terms.


Avoid Irrelevant Information

When you add irrelevant information to the pages of your pay per head services site, you are likely diluting the overall theme.

For example, if you are creating a page on a given Ferrari model, make sure that you stay on topic instead of adding a considerable amount of content about how such Ferrari is compared to another supercar because by using the name of, let’s say the word Lamborghini on a page dedicated to Ferrari, will dilute your page and will confuse the web crawlers.


Clarifying Words

You also need to add some clarifying words next to your keyword terms. For example, if you have a page about Apple, the device manufacturing company, you might want to add words such as iMac, iPhone, computer, etc, to avoid getting the traffic coming from people that is doing a search on the actual fruit.

The closer your clarifying words are to your keywords phrases, the better the correlation.

Another great aspect of using clarifying words is that they help you to get more traffic coming from long-tail searches, and that is great because when people does a more specific search instead of using broader terms it means that they are done with their research phase and are ready to acquire a bookie price per head service.

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