Pay per Head Services Info: Price per Head Solutions Explained

If you’re a bookie looking for Pay per Head Services Info, this article includes a sum up of what PPH solutions are; and how they can benefit

Pay per Head Services Info: Price per Head Solutions Explained
Pay per Head Services Info: Price per Head Solutions Explained

your sports betting and gaming operation.


Pay per Head Services Info: What is PPH?

We’re starting our article on Pay per Head Services Info with a brief explanation on what PPH offshore services are:

Price per head solutions are offered to local bookmaking agents by an overseas company.

These PPH services are all related to data management.

This means that the “PPH Shop” handles all the action of the player.

Such action includes wagers made online, or over the phone.

And, it can be action related to sports betting only, or it may also include online casino activity.


Sportsbook Software for Bookies

Now, our article must definitely include Pay per Head Services Info on sportsbook software.

This is the tool provided by the PPH Shop to the bookie, so the latter can manage and monitor the data of his bettors.

This is a tool that includes many reports, which are updated in real time with the latest action posted by players.

The bookie software provided by a reputable price per head company also allows agents to edit players’ accounts at will.

This includes the ability of:

  • Opening or closing client accounts
  • Editing the credit balances of players
  • Managing current lines and create new ones
  • Managing sub-agents


Opening or closing client accounts

A bookie can create new player accounts at will, and the agent can also choose which accounts to shut down, and when.

This is also part of the important Pay per Head Services Info you should be acquainted with.


Editing the credit balances of players

Now, when a top bookmaker creates a new account, he can set any credit limit he wants for the new player.

And, the agent can also return to the account at any given time and edit the remaining balance. Either to add more credit, or to subtract from it.


Manage current lines and create new ones

Using this bookmaking software, agents can also edit the wagering lines provided by the PPH Shop.

With that said, bookies usually work with the lines provided by the price per head company because they’re great; and provided by a team of expert line movers.

But, it may be the case that a bookie may want to edit a given line for a specific player, or for all of them.

And, agents can also come up with lines of their own!

This means that bookies can access their sportsbook software; and create lines they believe their players may find attractive to bet on.

Doubtlessly, this is the kind of Pay per Head Services Info we believe we couldn’t have left out of our article.


Manage sub-agents

This bookie software also allows agents to manage their own sub-agents.

A top bookmaker hires these sub-agents to represent his sports betting and gaming operation in other areas.

And, the top bookie can give his sub-agents access to the sportsbook software so they can input their own data.

This way, when the main agent checks the tool, he’ll see the data from his sub-agents fully updated.


Price per Head Solutions for Players

Now, our article also includes Pay per Head Services Info on the tools provided to players so they can place bets; and play casino games, such as PPH Poker.


Online betting

The clients of a bookie are able to place wagers over the web using a site provided by the price per head company.

Now, agents can choose between two types of websites:

  • Standard site
  • Custom site


Standard site

Many bookies and their customers make use of this site.

This means that all the players from many agents are getting the action on the same site.

Indeed, this is a great service, and it’s also the most affordable one.


Custom site

Now, bookies can also choose to pay a little extra in order to get their PERSONAL wagering and gambling site.

This means that the bookie can pick the design and the domain name of the site.

Plus, the PPH Shop enhances the site with the necessary software so players can actually get their action.

If a bookie tries to acquire this type of website by himself, it can be very expensive.

On the other hand, the PPH Shop is able to offer this outstanding online solution for a very affordable weekly price per head fee.


Call center wagering

Our article on Pay per Head Services Info wouldn’t be complete without talking about call center wagering.

This is the calling service offered by the PPH Shop so players can place their wagers over the phone.

Now, offshore price per head companies are the best.

This guarantees the best treatment for players.

The reason is because a PPH Shop that’s located overseas counts with better wagering clerks.

And, the weekly fees for such outstanding calling solutions are also very affordable.


Pay per Head Services Info: The Trial Period

When an agent signs up with a top price per head company, he’ll receive a trial period.

This allows agents to test out all the solutions from the PPH Shop for free.

Giving them the opportunity of trying out not only the sportsbook software; but also the solutions intended for players.

This means that the agent can create a player account, and place sports bets and play casino games.

This is important because the agent can realize if his players are going to be fully comfortable with the whole sports betting and gaming experience.

Now, it’s important to get a trial period that doesn’t forces you to stay with the PPH Shop after such period is over.

The reason is because agents should have the option of signing up for good with the best PPH company out there.

So, it’s crucial to check out a few options before taking a final decision.


Hopefully this article includes the Pay per Head Service Info agents need to sign up with the best PPH Shop out there.

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