Pay per Head Services: Link Building Campaign Basics

As with any activity linked to your Pay per Head Services website, what you need to do first, related to your link building campaign, pay-per-head-services-link-building-campaign-basicsis to create strategies and goals.

Those working in the field of search engine optimization or SEO rely on a series of metrics that helps them to create a scale of link value, including the following basics:


Pay per Head Services: Relevant Search Keywords


An effective way to determine the actual value of a given page belonging to your Pay per Head Services website is to take a look at the actual keyword terms that such page is currently trying to target.

For example, if you are trying to rank for the term sports betting, to get links from sites that are already popular in the search engine results pages (or SERPs) for such terms can really benefit your goals of also obtaining a good position for the content of your website.


Domain Authority

An authoritative site is one that’s been around for quite some time and that it also has been sustaining a similar value with a tendency to growth for quite some time.

If you manage to get links from sites that have authority, your own new Pay per Head Services site will be considered as to be authoritative by the search engines, with time.


Backlinks of Competing Sites

Taking a look at the backlinks from like-sites that already have a good position in the SERPs for the terms that you are currently targeting, you will get a good idea of what are the type of sites that you need to get links from in order to achieve a similar, or better ranking.

Using a variety of tools that are available on the web (either free of paid versions), you can actually find out what such links are in order to try to target them yourself for the current link building campaign of your Pay per Head Services website.


Links on a Page

Although this appears to be not overwhelmingly important (according to those in the know), it is also important to consider the following:

Try to get linked-to by pages that have few links on it instead of being linked-to by pages that have a massive number of links as this can look like spam to the search engines, and as a consequence, your website can end up being catalogued as belonging to a “bad link neighborhood”.


Referral Traffic

When you start a link building campaign for your sportsbook services website, it is in your best interest not to focus solely on the search engines.

Instead, try to get links for your Pay per Head Services site on places where you have the best chances of getting the kind of direct traffic that you need.

If you have the resources, you can even get in touch with the owners of authoritative sites that belong to the industry of your particular interest in order to get a deal with them for adding links pointing to your site on their own web portals.

The positive aspect of doing what is written above is that the traffic that you will get from such websites is likely to turn into conversions, and that is precisely what you are looking for as a bookie Pay per Head Services provider.

Using the reference information listed above you can get started with your own basic link building campaign for your Pay per Head Services website.

And while doing so, you can also take advantage of analytics tools which are available on the web in order to find out if things are going your way or if you need to put some changes in motion in order to get the links that you need.

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