Pay per Head Services Site Tips: Inviting the Spiders

When you create a Pay per Head Services site in order to get the attention of online players, whom can later be turned into pay-per-head-services-site-tips-spidersconversions for your bookmaking business, you really need a website that can be easily crawlable by the search engines.

This is because when you have a Bookie Services website that is friendly with the top search engines, you increase your chances of being noticed by prospective clients, whom might be researching the web for a betting solution like the one you’re offering.


Pay per Head Services: The Two Steps


Here is some information related to the two main steps in order to make sure that your pages are getting noticed by the search engines:


First Step: Check for Indexed Pages

You may have some pages from your sportsbook site that are not indexed by the search engines.

If you suspect that a given page is not being crawled by Google, Yahoo or Bing, you can take a small snippet from that page and put it between quotation marks, then paste it in the search engines, and see if your page appears.

Since the engines are forced to show the exact website where a text enclosed in quotation marks is located, if your page is shown, it means that it is indexed, if not, it means that you should see what is wrong in order to get that page indexed as soon as possible so it can appear in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

You also have the option to check if your entire Pay per Head Services site is indexed in one search; just add the following:

[] Replace yourdomain with your actual domain name, and don’t forget to eliminate the brackets.


Second Step: Invite the Spiders

Once you have discovered which pages have not been indexed, you need to invite the spiders to crawl them. The ideal scenario is when the spiders visits your Pay per Head Services website and index all of your site’s content and not just a part of it.

Here are some ideas that you can use in order to help the spiders do their best work at your site:

1 – You can start by adding a link to the missing page (s) to a page of your Pay per Head Services site that is actually crawled on a frequent basis. Make sure that the anchor text that you add to such link has keywords that related directly to the page.

Also, the page where the link is going to be located has to be relevant to the linked page because this will make it easier for the spiders to see a relationship between the two and finally follow the link to the un-indexed page and index it.

This is indeed the most effective way of getting pages indexed in a natural way.

2 – Direct Submission: All the top search engines allow webmasters to submit a URL directly. The link then goes into a queue, and it may or may not take a while before seeing some good results, though it really doesn’t hurt doing so.

3- Internal Links: There must be at least two links pointing to every single page on your Pay per Head Services site.

This guarantees that the search engines won’t have a hard time finding such pages.

4 – Site Map: Another factor that makes it easier for the search engines to find your pages is to count with a site map because this particular page allows Google, Yahoo and Bing to follow all the links located on your Pay per Head Services site in a thorough way.

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