Pay per Head Software Demo, Getting It, What’s Included

Getting a Pay per Head Software Demo allows you to check bookie services free of charge.

Pay per Head Software Demo, Getting It, What's Included
Pay per Head Software Demo, Getting It, What’s Included



Getting Your Pay per Head Software Demo

If you want to get a Pay per Head Software Demo, you need to contact a reputable PPH offshore services provider.

You can do this by:

  • Sending an email
  • Using live help
  • Phone contact


Sending an email

In order to get your sportsbook software demo, you can send the price per head company an email.

You can do this by accessing the website of your preferred PPH shop, and then filling out the form located there.

Add the required data. And also add any other information you believe can help you get a more accurate response.

Now, you can also let the sports betting and gaming services company know that you want to be contacted back by phone.

So, just add your number, and you can expect to receive a response this way.

If you want to receive an answer via email, you can expect to get a new email from the PPH Shop within minutes.


Using live help

Another option to obtain your Pay per Head Software Demo really quick is to use live help.

To make use of this method, you also need to visit the price per head shop’s website.

There, you should see a small live help window at the bottom of the screen, most likely at the bottom right-hand side.

Clicking on it will allow you to get in touch with a live operator.

This is a customer service representative that works for the PPH Shop, and that’s ready to both answer questions; and process new accounts.

Once you’re chatting with this customer service pro, you can make your request for the bookie software demo.

What’s great about this method is that you can keep the live chat window open while you set everything up.

This means that you will not only be getting a Pay per Head Software Demo, but also free assistance!

Doubtlessly, this is great for new bookmaking agents whom are still getting used to work with price per head services.


Phone contact

Contacting the PPH Shop over the phone is really the easiest way to get your free trial.

Just visit the website of your favorite PPH Shop, get their phone number, and give them a call.

Now, if you’re dealing with a reputable sports betting and gaming services company; you won’t have to pay a cent as the calling service should be free.

This means that the conversation can last for as long as it’s necessary; and you won’t be charged a single cent for it.

So, just like with live chat, this contact method also allows you to evacuate all of your doubts; and also to sign up for a new account.


Pay per Head Software Demo: What’s Included

Getting a Pay per Head Software Demo from a top PPH Shop allows you to test the following services:

  • Bookie software
  • Online wagering
  • Call center services


Bookie software

This is the data management tool that allows agents to monitor the wagering and gambling action of players in real time.

This means that you can see exactly what’s going on with the activity of your clients, exactly at the time such activity is taking place.

So, for example, when a customer places a substantial bet, you can immediately get the information about it on the screen.

And, this allows you to take the necessary measures that guarantees that your profits won’t get affected.


You can also edit the data of your players. For example, you can:

  • Open or close accounts
  • Increase or decrease credit limits
  • Manage sub-agents

And, although the price per head shop offers great wagering lines, the best bookie software allows you to edit those lines; and even create some of your own.


Online wagering

When you get your Pay per Head Software Demo, make sure to check out the online wagering platform.

This is the website that allows your players to place bets on sports and horses.

And, if you pay an extra, this site can also include a fully working online casino.

You can get a standard price per head services pack that includes a website.

This is a site that works great, and it’s used by other bookmaking agents and their players.

Or, a customized site is also an option. This one includes its own domain name, and its own custom design.

Needless to say, this personalized website option is great.

And the reason is because it allows you to promote your sports betting and gaming operation more easily.


Call center services

A Pay per Head Software Demo also allows you to test the call center services from the PPH Shop.

A reputable price per head company operates offshore. In a country such as Costa Rica.

This is a country that counts with friendly policies towards gambling. And for this reason, there is a large number of wagering and gambling professionals around.

And, when you add affordable, high-end communications technology to the mix; this nation really packs everything a PPH Shop needs to run a successful call center.

Of course, all the benefits goes to you as an agent, and your players.

And the reason is because your clients can call to get their action at any time, all the time.

This means that this service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round.

And, it’s a service that’s free for the player, which allows you to increase the wagering volume of your operation.

Players don’t pay a cent because when you become a member of a reputable price per head shop; you get your own toll free number.

This means that your customers can dial this 1-800 number time and time again, and it will always be free to them.

The calling service actually doesn’t cost you any extras. And that’s because the package of services of your choice includes it.


So, if you want to have access to the best Pay per Head Software Demo, find a reputable offshore PPH Shop, and feel free to contact them.

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