Pay per Head Software: Professional Marketing Plan, Step by Step

Contrary to popular understanding, marketing plans are not just for the large pay per head software bookie, but also for small sports betting and gaming businesses.

Pay per Head Software: Professional Marketing Plan, Step by Step
Pay per Head Software: Professional Marketing Plan, Step by Step

Sure, the term marketing plan sounds like a lot a work. But in reality, you can create a great marketing plan for your small bookmaking and casino operation on a couple of sheets of paper.

This simple process will take your wagering and gambling company from being a hopeful risk, to a planned investment.


Pay per Head Software: The Steps

Here are the 10 steps that you can take in order to create a marketing plan that fits the needs of your price per head sportsbook software operation:


1: State your Purpose

This is a short statement. Actually, it is a one-sentence summary of your purpose as a pay per head software bookie.

In this sentence, you must be able to summarize your empowering abilities as a price per head bookmaking agent.

Take your time to brainstorm the right phrase for you. Make sure that the short sentence that you embrace as yours is one that you can go back to again and again in order to remember why you are doing what you are doing. In other words: Why you decided to become a bookie.


2: Define Market Situation

First you must be clear about what your purpose as a pay per head software bookie is. Then, it is time to start describing the different challenges, problems, changes and opportunities related to your bookmaking software and pph poker operation.

When doing this, you can consider the following factors:

Clients: Are your prospective or current customers undergoing a variety of changes that can affect their decisions as consumers, and ultimately, as sports betting players and gamblers?

Competitors: Are you facing few, or a lot of direct and indirect competition? Make sure to study your competitors. Both what they’re doing wrong to avoid it, and what they’re doing right to integrate it to your own pay per head sportsbook operation.

Market Environment: Are there any foreseeable economic changes that can affect you as a pay per head software bookie?


3: Set Goals

To market your sports betting and pph poker operation in a more manageable way is possible once you have clearly defined the goals that you want to achieve.

Remember that to arrive to your destination, you first need to know where you want to go.

With that in mind, make sure to create a list of both your short and long-term goals. Short-term goals are those which are part of a larger goal, or a milestone.

So, when defining your long-term goals, don’t forget to consider the short-term goals that will allow you to fulfill your objectives in a flawless way.

In addition, once you have your goals in writing, don’t forget to stick to them for the duration of the market plan period.


4: Define your Market

When you are at this stage, you need to define your market in terms of:

Geographics: Are you going to remain a local pay per head software bookie? Or are you going national or even international with your price per head sportsbook business?

Demographics: Who are your customers in terms of age, ethnicity, economical status, gender, etc.

Psychographics: What are the behavioral patterns, attitudes, values and beliefs of your sports betting and pph poker players?

When you’re able to define your market, you become more knowledgeable about your customers, and this allows you to:

  • Develop better marketing strategies that are extra appealing to your targeted audience.
  • Create better advertising messages that appeal to the emotions and unique interests of your current and prospective clients.
  • Choose better communication tools.
  • Accepting or refusing opportunities based on your clearly defined customer profiles.


5: Synchrony

At this point, it is necessary to make sure that everything in the marketing plan for your pay per head software and casino business is in synchrony.

This means that all the factors in your plan must be implemented in a way that everything is going to move as a solid unit.

Focus on these 3 main factors:

Brand: These are the attributes and characteristics that clients trust and remember about your bookmaking and pph poker business.

Position: This is the exact niche your sports bookie software services can fill in the mind of your targeted audience.

Creative Strategy: This is the formula you are committed to follow in order to uphold your brand and position in your different marketing channels.


6: Set Strategies

The next step is to detail the strategies you will follow for:

Products or Solutions: How will you use your bookie pay per head software service to develop sales and add more clients to your wagering and gambling portfolio? How are you going to present these to your clientele?

Distribution: Will you be partnering with other sports betting agents in order to expand your bookmaking and casino business?

Pricing: Are you going to offer the same prices to all of your customers? Or will you create special prices and bonuses for a determined sector of your customers? Are you considering offering casino bonuses or referral commissions, for example?

Promotion: Are you going to support your strategies with public relations, promotions, and advertising?


7: Outline Tactics

At this point, you need to detail the tactics that you are planning on using to implement your strategies.

For example, if a single strategy of your marketing plan is to introduce a new service, the sequence can go something like this:

  • Review and select a marketing channel.
  • Develop a mailing list.
  • Create a brochure.
  • Develop a publicity plan.
  • Create a website.
  • Place advertisement using your preferred marketing channel.
  • Send a direct mailer.
  • Generate industry and regional-market publicity.
  • Train your employees about it.
  • Unveil new service at a special event.


8: Establish Your Budget

Now it’s time to define how much your whole marketing effort is going to cost you.

Avoid adding figures that are merely estimates. In fact, try to be as accurate as possible with this data, because this can be quite significant for your pockets.

When working on your budget, remember to add the number of both your in-house and external expenditures.


9: Blueprint your Action Plan

This is the part where you need to bring everything together into an action plan.

You can do this as a calendar. Simply create a page for every month of the year with the following four columns on it:

  • Specific action.
  • Budget for the action.
  • Deadline
  • Responsible party.


10: Think Long-Term

This is the last section of the marketing plan for your price per head sportsbook operation.

Here you need to include a number of development opportunities that you’re planning to research.

Here are some of the areas you can focus on:

  • New business locations.
  • New customers, different from those represented by the client profile of your current marketing plan.
  • A new pay per head service you may want to implement.
  • New strategies related to prices.
  • Other marketing and distribution channels.

Choose between one to three opportunities, and commit to produce a development analysis about them before you start working on the next marketing plan for your bookie pay per head software business.

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