Pay per Head Software For the Bookie and Player Services

The right Pay per Head Software can help you become the top bookmaker in your area, effortlessly.

Pay per Head Software For the Bookie and Player Services
Pay per Head Software For the Bookie and Player Services

Just imagine yourself taking care of everything with an easy tool, while your players get their action by themselves…

This can, and will be you, once you get your own price per head offshore services pack.

And it all starts by…


Signing up with the right Pay per Head Software provider

That’s right, it all starts by searching for, and signing up with a top Pay per Head Software company from Costa Rica.

Why this country? The reason is because this is where the top PPH Shops in the world are located.

Which means that you’ll get the best weekly prices, and also the kind of services that can enhance your image as a bookie.

Once you find the right PPH company, it’s time to get your…


Pay per Head Software trial period

Yes… you definitely want to test out all the solutions from the Pay per Head Software company before committing for good.

So, use the FREE WEEK you’ll get to test your data management tool, and also the services destined to your players.

If everything works the way it’s supposed to, and you feel satisfied, then it’s time to sign up with the PPH Shop long-term.

Pay per Head Software and player services

Now, these are the services you and your players will enjoy once you become a member of the right PPH Shop:

  • Pay per Head Software
  • Sports betting and gaming website
  • Wagering over the phone


Pay per Head Software

The Pay per Head Software is the tool you’ll get from the PPH Shop to manage everything.

This bookie software comes with many agent reports that you’ll have no problems adapting to.

The reason is because these reports are totally user-friendly.

Which means that you’ll understand them the first time you see them.

In other words: once you sign up with the right price per head company, you should be able to start using the sportsbook software immediately.

Now, if you happen to need some assistance with any report, or any other feature related to your bookmaking tool; you can get that help 24/7 from a customer service rep, or from a floor manager from the PPH Shop.

They’ll always be happy to assist you with anything you may need.


Sports betting and gaming website

Once you sign up with the right Pay per Head Software provider, you won’t ever have to process a wager in your life again.

And that is because your players will be getting their action all by themselves, in full privacy; using their favorite smartphone devices.

This means that your clients will get access to the best sports betting and gaming website; provided by the PPH Shop.

Now, you can get your customers to place bets and play casino games at the standard website from the price per head company.

This is a great option, and your players will be completely happy and satisfied with it.

But, if you want to take things to the next level, you can consider paying the PPH Shop an extra fee; to get your own…


Custom wagering and gaming site.

This is just a one-time fee! Which means that you pay this fee once, and get YOUR OWN WEBSITE!

The way in which players get their action is the same for both the standard and the custom site versions.

But there’s a big difference:

When you get a customized PPH website, only your own clients will be placing bets on your site!

That’s right, it’s a site that’s actually hosted by the PPH Shop, but you get to pick your favorite domain name; and also the design of the site.

This is a great tool that can also help you get more people interested in your business.

And the reason is because you can compete directly with the top online sportsbooks; offering your web-based sports betting and gaming services to any player out there.

And, you actually have an edge over online sportsbooks!

The reason for that is because online sportsbooks request the personal information of players; including their names and credit card information.

And, although many bettors and gamblers enjoy getting their action using a website; they certainly don’t like their names involved with gambling.

So you, as a private bookie, can allow players to get their action online, without compromising their personal info.

The reason is because all a player needs to place bets or play casino games on a PPH website is a simple user name and password.

This means that players can bet all they want, and their personal names are never going to be directly associated to their gambling action!

Needless to say, this is a true advantage for you, the bookie, that can help you become successful in no time at all.


The extra casino option

It’s important to mention that the online casino is optional, and it’s also charged as an extra service.

This means that you need to pay an extra weekly fee to the PPH Shop to get it.

But, this service is really profitable, and will actually end up paying for itself out of your own profits.


Wagering over the phone

Now, when you sign up with a top Pay per Head Software company from Costa Rica; your players automatically get access to the PPH Shop’s phone wagering solutions.

This is a service that’s provided directly from the PPH company’s call center, also located in Costa Rica.

There, the PPH Shop counts with many experienced, skilled sports betting clerks.

Such individuals have been trained to provide players with fast and professional services; allowing your customers to get all the action they want, unrestrictedly, and trouble-free.

This is indeed, a service you definitely want to count with.

Even though web betting is largely popular amongst bettors; there are still many players out there whom are fond of getting their action over the phone.

And this includes many old school players, whom may also end up being some of your VIP customers.


As you can see, if you want to get the best Pay per Head Software and player solutions, sign up with a reputable PPH Shop from Costa Rica now.

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