Pay per Head Solutions: Going Beyond Facebook and Twitter

Besides Facebook and Twitter, there are other social media sites that you should consider to have a presence in order to promote the pay-per-head-solutions-beyond-facebook-twitterposts of your bookie Pay per Head Solutions site.

Here are the other social media giants, and some tips on how to improve yours posts on such web portals.


Pay per Head Solutions: Pinterest


The Least Faces, the Better

It has been demonstrated that users of Pinterest have an affinity for pictures that have no human faces, and in fact, such type of pics get shared 20% more often than those containing them.

For that reason, try share pics to promote your website that are not people-based, and more object-based instead.


Red Tones

Another factor that will get your images re-pinned even more is to upload and share images with red, orange or similar colors.


Multiple Colors

You can also combine those dominant red tones with other colors, including green and yellow in order to count with a varied and attractive set of pics on the Pinterest space associated to your bookmaking Pay per Head Solutions site or blog.


Light and Color

Also, try to upload images with 50% color saturation as it has been demonstrated that they get re-pinned four times more often than the ones with 100%, and also ten times more than plain black and white images.


Portrait Style

Believe it or not, the shape of the pictures that you share on Pinterest in order to promote your Pay per Head Solutions site can also get you better results.

It is actually recommended to use vertically orientated images, and when it comes to ratios, the perfect ones are 2:3 and 4:5.



Tag Brands and People


When you use the names of brands and people on the posts from the Google+ account associated to your Pay per Head Solutions site, try to tag them when applicable.

This will make it possible for even more people to check out such posts after they get the notification.


Hashtags and Trendy Topics

When you use tags, you will automatically increase the reach of the Google+ profile that you use to promote your site.

Also, remember that Google+ is going to add a hashtag for trending and key topics automatically, so it is always a good idea to write content on your Pay per Head Solutions website or blog related to stuff that people is currently interested in.



Don’t forget to add images to the posts from your G+ account because this will definitely increase the visibility factor.

The size of images that it is recommended for posts on Google Plus is 800×600 pixels.


Find Communities

If you want to get closer to people that can turn into conversions for your Pay per Head Solutions business, give relevant Google Plus communities a try and become a regular contributor.

If you take the time to do this, you will soon witness how your reputation within the right Google+ circles grows stronger, and this factor will allow you to turn into a favored source of bookie Price per Head Services for an increasing number of online players.



Know your Post Types

In Tumblr, there are seven posting options to choose from, so make sure that you are choosing the right one for the current post that you want to share with others.


Follow People

When you follow people in Tumblr that is relevant to your Pay per Head Solutions startup company, you will always be aware of the latest trends and will also increase your chances of getting more followers.


Choose a Nice Theme

Fortunately, Tumblr offers a variety of free themes that you can choose from, so try to pick a theme that can be considered interesting by prospective clients.

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