Pay per Head Solutions: Getting Familiar with Redirects

The SEO techniques that you apply on your Pay per Head Solutions website should definitely include redirects. These are server orpay-per-head-solutions-getting-familiar-redirects HTML commands that send in-links to a different page.


Pay per Head Solutions: Main Benefits of Redirects


Using this important tool, webmasters can start gradually removing outdated pages without losing the visits that they still get.

It is often the case that people is forced to use redirects when they have re-organized their site because the names of files and folders were changed, and many old links now lead to nowhere.

They also allow you to organize a good number of domains into a single Bookie Services website, so that they don’t get to compete one with the other.

You can also use redirects for alternative URLs, that is, when people uses the URL of your Pay per Head Solutions site that doesn’t contain the www, or viceversa.

By using redirects, you can prevent duplicate content that can become harmful for the PageRank of your pages and also for the SERPs (search engine results pages).

The best of all is that it is really not difficult at all to learn about redirects.



There are four main redirect types, though you must remember that for SEO (search engine optimization), it is advisable to apply just one type to your Pay per Head Solutions site, the 301 Redirect.


301 Redirects

This is a type of redirect that is the most SEO-friendly. When you use one of these, you are telling the search engines that a given page of your website now resides on a new location on a permanent basis.

Webmasters consider this the cleanest type of redirect because there is really no ambiguity involved. In other words, a 301 gives a clear message.


302 Redirects

These are considered temporary solutions. When a search engine encounters a 302, they see it as temporary and crawls the original location instead.

Some people are not too fond with 302’s because sometimes they can confuse the search engines and cause them to index content that seems duplicated.

Since duplicate content can lead the web spiders to filter pages of your Pay per Head Solutions site from the SERPs, we truly don’t recommend you to use them.


Meta Refreshes

This is a kind of meta-tag, which is a command that is located in the HTML code of your sportsbook site, specifically in the Head section.

This particular command is utilized to tell a given page to refresh automatically after a specific time interval in order to re-display contents that may or may have not changed since the last refresh.

This is also not an advisable type of redirect because search engines sometimes follow the link, but usually they ignore it, which means that they are not very reliable.

Another reason to avoid meta refreshes is that they can be used to show different content to users and the search engines, and the latter perceives this as deceiving behavior.


Java Script Redirects

When you program a given redirect using JavaScript, which is a language that is used to add some functions to websites, the search engines will truly have a difficult time indexing the pages of your Pay per Head Solutions site.

It is true that JavaScript can enhance the experience of users, but that is just one side of the whole spectrum. On the other we have the search engines, which are unable to execute JavaScript, and for that reason, it is impossible for them to follow a redirect of this kind to a new page.


As you can see, a redirect is a great tool that, if used correctly, can bring a lot of benefits to the SEO strategy that you are implementing on your Pay per Head Solutions website.

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