Pay per Head Solutions: Lean Management for your Business

The idea of a perfect Pay per Head Solutions business may seem a bit far-fetched, but lean management can get you closer to this concept by providing the best value with almost no waste at all


Pay per Head Solutions Tips: What is Lean Management?


It is important to notice that the term “lean” doesn’t imply to “cut-costs.” Lean management actually requires the bookie to spend some extra cash in order to get the kind of results that can be considered as both reliable and consistent.

The concept of lean management consists on focusing more on the process (or flow) than on the actual produce in order to deliver exactly what is required (no more, no less) and at the right time when it’s actually needed (not earlier, not later).



Follow these steps, and you will be a step closer to start applying the concept of lean management to your bookmaking Pay per Head Solutions business.

There are 4 steps involved:

  • Be specific concerning the exact value that is required by the client.
  • Establish the value stream for each service provided.
  • Allow steady production flow.
  • Use pull.


Step 1: Be specific concerning the exact value that is required by the client.

What is it that a player wants from you as a bookie? Although you take betting action, is that all of which prospective clients are after?

Chances are that modern bettors are actually looking for certain qualities that embody the kind of Pay per Head Solutions that you make available to your clients, including quality and variety.

The value bettors put on Bookie Services is likely to vary as things like needs and tastes fluctuate, so make sure that you, as an agent, work with a reputable Pay per Head Solutions provider that guarantees that they will keep up to date with technology, etc.

Until you realize what your clients really values, you have no clear business targets. You have an unclear mission that may or may not be significant, and as a result of this, you are probably putting your efforts on the wrong areas and are achieving outcomes that can be considered as unimportant. Try to avoid this scenario at all costs.


Step 2: Establish the value stream for each service provided.

The process of delivering a service is referred to as the value stream. Once you have managed to identify the parts of your bookie Pay per Head Solutions sports betting operation, make sure that you count with what is needed to provide them.

During your value stream analysis, you will realize that there are points where things such as money, time and resources are wasted, so you need to find ways to improve in those areas.


Step 3: Allow steady production flow

To have a clear idea of what is flow, applied to your Pay per Head Solutions business, think of the flow of water that goes straight from the tap into your bottle, fluently and steady, flawlessly.

When it comes to production flow, this means that your clients should always get what they want, when they want it, because when they don’t, it signals a serious flaw with your productivity system and as it is clear, client dissatisfaction can certainly lead to loss of business.


Step 4: Use pull

Instead of “pushing” your marketing for all of the Pay per Head Solutions that you offer as a bookie, let your clients “pull” the services as they need them.

This means that you can start marketing a given service or promotion when you think such service or promo is hot, and you can figure this out by keeping an eye on social media circles which are commonly frequented by regular bettors

This allows you to focus your efforts on marketing the services that most players need, when they are needed, resulting in a much more efficient process.

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