Pay per Head Solutions: Tips for Posting on Instagram / Vine

Instagram and Vine are two great social media sites that can give the marketing campaign for your Bookie Pay per Head Solutionspay-per-head-solutions-tips-posting-instagram-vine business a boost. Here are some tips that can help you get the most out of the two.


Pay per Head Solutions: Quick and Easy Tips




You can use other applications such as Snapseed and Camera+ in order to make your already great pictures even better.

Once you get used to edit your pics on a regular basis, the feed of the Instagram account associated with your Pay per Head Solutions business will become more consistent in terms of its feel and appearance.


Rule of Thirds

When you manage to put the subject of the picture in just 2 thirds of the screen, this factor makes the photo even more appealing to the eye.



Using captions allows you to get some extra attention from viewers, it makes your pics even more interesting and it will also keep people’s attention on the pic longer.

Make sure that the captions that you are planning to use are relevant to the picture that you are uploading to you Price per Head Services Instagram business profile.

Another thing that we recommend is to add comments or questions that can drive people to provide you with their own opinion.


Use Hashtags

Hashtags are popular across all social media websites, and they are also one of the most popular ways to increase the traffic that you are getting on your bookmaking Pay per Head Solutions Intagram profile.

When you use hashtags, people will identify your pic as being popular (even if it still isn’t), so try to upload photos that are trendy and that won’t disappoint viewers whom are checking your newest additions because of the hashtag factor.



When you see new comments on a new pic that you previously uploaded to your Pay per Head Solutions Instagram account, try to take the time to send a note to the person letting him/her know that you are aware of the comment and that you liked it.

It is important to keep the two-way conversation to a conversational level instead of trying to push sales. This is because if you do the latter, people are just going to feel betrayed and are likely not to return to your profile again.

We recommend you to start pushing sales to people that have been returning to your Pay per Head Solutions profile for a while, and we also advise you to do it as casually as possible.




Just like in Instagram, using hashtags in your Pay per Head Solutions Vine account is also a positive factor.

It is advisable to use hashtags such as how-to and look in order to increase engagement.

It is also important to mention that when new visitors come to Vine, it has been demonstrated that the majority of them start at the hashtags, so using them is crucial in order to get the kind of traffic and responses that you are expecting.


Find a Style

The people that have managed to stand out over others in Vine are those whom have been able to come up with a style of their own.

Take some time to do some brainstorming in order to see what is it that you really love in order to portray it in six-second videos.

With that said, you should also take into consideration that you’ve created a Vine account with the main purpose of promoting your Pay per Head Solutions startup company, so your vids must also reflect this.


Infinite Loop

One of the greatest things about Vine is the infinite loop, which is a tool that makes it possible to replay the same video again and again, non-stop.

If you wish to use Vine to the advantage of your Pay per Head Solutions business, this is a key tool to master because people are really fond of the videos that have been created using it.


Be Still

It is also a great idea to work with a tripod. This is because a Vine vid that has been created with a shaky cam can be annoying for some (or most) people.

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