Pay per Head Solutions: Top 6 Benefits for Bookies and Players

If you want to make a lot of money with your sports betting operation, but don’t want to be too involved, get Pay per Head Solutions

Pay per Head Solutions: Top 6 Benefits for Bookies and Players
Pay per Head Solutions: Top 6 Benefits for Bookies and Players


These are the offshore services that can help you run things fast and efficiently, without breaking the bank.


Pay per Head Solutions: The Top Benefits

Here’s a list of the top benefits related to using Pay per Head Solutions for your bookmaking business:

  • Manage everything using a single tool
  • Players get their action by themselves using the web
  • Double your profits easily with a full casino
  • Players can get their action over the phone
  • Keep player loyalty high
  • Players feel 100% safe


Manage everything using a single tool

A single tool called bookie software is all you need to manage your full sports betting operation.

From the Pay per Head Solutions available, this is the service destined for the bookmaker.

This means that by using this sportsbook software; you can check how your operation is performing versus your players at all times.

This is definitely great because it means that even though you’re not processing wagers yourself; you can still check the wagering action flow at any given time.

Plus, this is a very simple tool, and requires no training at all.

This means that once you sign up with the PPH Shop of your choice; you can access the tool, and start using it.

Now, if you have any doubts or concerns, you can always contact the people at the PPH company; and they will be pleased to assist you immediately.

So, doubtlessly, getting this tool will change the way in which you do business, for the better.


Players get their action by themselves using the web

When you get Pay per Head Solutions, your players also get access to their own tools.

One of these is a fully working sports betting website.
When it comes to this site, you have two options:

You can use the standard version: This means that your players will be betting on the website where many other players from other agents get their action too. This is a great website option, the most popular, and also the most affordable.

You can get a custom website: This is a website that is going to be used only by your own players. And you get to pick the design and the name of the site! All of this becomes possible by paying a ONE-TIME EXTRA FEE. This means that once you’re charged, you get the website, and you won’t be charged any extras for this service again.


Double your profits easily with a full casino

Bettors are almost always also gamblers, and that means that counting with a casino service can do wonders for your business earnings.

Now, this is not part of the regular Pay per Head Solutions; but if you get it, you can double your profits considerably.

And all you need to do to have access to this solution is to request it from your PPH company.

Once you start paying the extra weekly fee this service costs; the online casino area will become immediately available for your customers.

Now, if you’re just starting with PPH services, it’s important to get both the sports betting and gaming Pay per Head Solutions right from the start.

This will allow you to start offering your services not only to bettors, but also to gamblers!

So, by signing up with the right Costa Rica PPH Shop, you can not only get help with your current sports betting players; but you’re also able to expand your business considerably.

And the reason is because there are many people out there that is fond of online casino games, but that doesn’t necessarily bet on sports.

So, just imagine what paying an extra fee for a casino service can do for your profits; and don’t hesitate to get it.


Players can get their action over the phone

Another advantage of using Pay per Head Solutions is that your players can also wager over the phone.

You don’t have to hire personnel, or paying for an office!

Instead, all you have to do is to find the right Costa Rica PPH Shop.

This is because this is the country where the top PPH companies in the world are located.

And so you definitely want to associate yourself to one of these companies in order to get the best value for your cash.

Now, this is a service that’s provided by skilled, trained personnel.

So, when one of your players calls in to place one or more bets; he or she will be assisted by someone who knows how to process wagering action fast, with respect and full professionalism.

This is exactly what you want because there are still many big-time bettors out there whom are fond of the call betting service.

And, if one of these big-time players is happy with the calling service he’s getting; chances are that he’ll spread around the positive word about you; which can lead you to get more clients.

Plus, this is a solution you also want to count with because clerks are multilingual.

So this means that you can start offering your services not only to players that speak English; but also to those that speak Chinese and Spanish.


Keep players’ loyalty high… with fairness!

Yes, by working with the right Pay per Head Solutions, you can offer your players 100% fair services.

This means that when they place bets or play casino games, they will always get 100% fair action.

So, if you’re working with the right PPH Shop, the experience for your players should be no different than visiting a Las Vegas sportsbook or casino.


Players feel 100% safe

Now, apart from fairness, players also want safety!

This means that the least their information is spread around, the better.

And by working with a top PPH services provider, you can guarantee that nobody else but you will have access to their personal data.

And this is because all of the Pay per Head Solutions for players are provided using a simple user name and password.

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