Pay Per Head Sports Betting Services For Bookies And Players

Did you know that a highly selective group of agents work with Pay Per Head Sports Betting services?

Pay Per Head Sports Betting Services For Bookies And Players
Pay Per Head Sports Betting Services For Bookies And Players

So, if you want to learn How To Become A Bookie easy, fast, cheap, and with no hassle, keep on reading…

The secret of these successful, savvy agents is simple:

They work with a prestigious PPH Shop…

This is an overseas company that offers data processing solutions for agents.

And if you like to:

  1. Save cash, and make some more
  2. Plan things out

You’ll love these cutting-edge PPH tools because they will help you do both.

You’ll be running your own executive business, making the big profits, without wearing the tie…


Pay Per Head Sports Betting Solutions: Why

Now, here are the top reasons why you should work with a Pay Per Head Sports Betting company:

  • Mobile friendly: There are no downloads involved as these services are fully mobile. All you or your players need is a smart device and access to the web.
  • Prices based on actual usage: This means that you only pay the PPH Shop when your players use their services. For example, if you have 100 clients, and only half of them used PPH solutions, then you only pay for the 50 ACTIVE ONES.
  • Quality control monitoring: The PPH Shop monitors the action of your players, both online and over the phone. And there are records of everything; so you always have the edge when it comes to wagering disputes.
  • Custom services: You can customize all the different agent reports and the wagering lines provided by the PPH Shop. You can also get a personalized website, including domain name and design. And furthermore, you can get your own 1-800 number, which will be available only for your own clients.\



You’ll get A FULL FREE WEEK to visualize your new life with Pay Per Head Sports Betting solutions…

This gives you a full seven days so that you can become a master at running your business with these services.

After that week, chances are that you’ll be fully satisfied, and will realize that you made a smart choice…

So, the next step after this trial period is signing up with the PPH Shop, long-term.

After doing so, they will deduct this free week from your FIRST MONTH, which means that you’ll be paying for 3 weeks of solutions, instead of 4.


Pay Per Head Sports Betting Services Explained

Now, here’s a brief explanation of the different solutions you and your players will get access to:


Bookie Software

This Pay Per Head Sports Betting software gives you full control over your players and sub-agents.

And you can monitor all activity in real time.

Furthermore, you can always modify any info from the accounts of your players.

For example, you can set limits for risk amounts and wagering types.

And you can also close or open an account within seconds.


Wagering Lines

What’s great about working with a top PPH Shop is that they’re always representing your interests…

So the bookmaking lines are already amazing and don’t need any further editing.

But having the option of editing lines or creating your own lines from scratch is definitely necessary.



Now, all the info related to your clients can be checked using more than 20 custom and advanced reports…

When processing manual bets, you’ll inevitably make mistakes.

On the other hand, these bookie software reports are always PERFECT.

You’ll never see a flaw because everything is automated.

So, if you’re obsessed with always getting your figures right,

these accurate reports will give you peace of mind.


Here’s a scenario of a bookie being glad he acquired PPH services:

It’s your first day working with a PPH Shop, and there’s a big game on the board…

You’ve been following the action of your players using your sportsbook software all throughout the day.

Your players have been placing bets non-stop, and you haven’t moved a single muscle to process their wagers.

These lines give you the edge, but they’re also fair.

So, there’s always an element of risk…

And after your last check, all the action seems to be moving towards the underdog…

So you’re hoping for a favorite win…

You feel excited and optimistic, but with a few minutes left on the clock, the game is pretty even.

That, however, gives you a glorious rush of adrenaline that powers up your competitive side, and you love it.

You feel a racing pulse, your heart beating.

You stop to pay attention to the TV screen, gazing with a focus…

And then, the favorite team scores the touchdown you needed…

You take some deep breaths, finally savoring the moment.

You clap vigorously, feeling thankful, feeling grateful, feeling appreciative.

At that moment, you start praising your Pay Per Head Sports Betting services, complimenting their extraordinary efficiency.

You give this tool a “thumbs-up”, because it gives you freedom, and empowers you.

These are effortless profits, and now you know it…


Online Services

It’s a fact that society has become totally reliant on technology, including your players.

And most industry experts agree that online wagering and gambling is the future.

So you need to join the digital capitalism era by getting Pay Per Head Sports Betting services.

These solutions are a smart choice because they allow you to keep up with the latest technological trends.

They give you unbeatable value, and they’re also a luxury that’s within reach.

In other words: these services help you increase your profits, and they also save you money.

And needless to say, the value of these offshore services are worth your investment.

Now, here are the features related to these online sports betting solutions:


Sportsbook and Casino

When you sign up, your players will only get access to the wagering area.

This means that you need to pay a weekly extra to allow them to have access to the online casino area.

With that said, this is a service that’s very profitable.

And soon enough this gambling solution will allow you to double your earnings without a problem.


Full Security

Your players only need an alias and a password.

This means that the PPH Shop will never know the real identities of your clients.

So, this means that your players will feel very comfortable doing business with you; knowing that their personal info will never go online.


Best Lines For Players

Your clients get access to the sharpest lines and a complete wagering menu.

And they can also place bets during a LIVE GAME, with up-to-the-second updates!


Call Center Solutions

These Pay Per Head Sports Betting services also include access to a modern call center located in Costa Rica.

These high-end offices are packed with multilingual, skilled wagering clerks.

And these clerks are ready to provide courteous, responsible betting services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round.



As a bookie, you’re also a salesman…

So, you should be spontaneous, and initiate contact with others…

And, when approaching prospective clients, keep steady eye contact, offer a strong handshake, ignore all distractions, and express a great interest in their needs.

Also, listen intently, and speak with a soothing tone, using words the other person wants to hear.

That way you’ll show high status, and will be able to close clients in an easier way…


As you can see, the secret to How To Become A Bookie relies on getting the best Pay Per Head Sports Betting solutions, so get your free trial, and start your road to success now!

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