Pay per Head Sportsbook Operation: Bookie Business As A Side Job

You can run a Pay per Head Sportsbook Operation as a side job and make great profits.

Pay per Head Sportsbook Operation: Bookie Business As A Side Job
Pay per Head Sportsbook Operation: Bookie Business As A Side Job

This is all possible thanks to reputable price per head shops whom offer sports betting and gaming offshore services.


Pay per Head Sportsbook Operation: How to Do It

To start running a Pay per Head Sportsbook Operation is simple, and here’s how you can do it:


Get the Tools You Need:

In order to start a Pay per Head Sportsbook Operation, you will need:

  • Bookie Software
  • Access to Call Center
  • Online Betting and Casino


Bookie Software

This is data management at its best that can really make the difference for a bookmaking operation.

The reason is because bookie software includes all the features a sports betting and gaming agent may need to have success.

This sportsbook software comes with a series of outstanding reports that the bookie can analyze to take decisions that can lead to better profits.

This kind of bookmaking software also allow the agent to move his own lines.

Even though a reputable price per head shop can provide the bookie with the best wagering lines; there will be times when the agent may want to move a given line up or down on his own.

The best kind of sportsbook software also allows a top bookmaker to open or close accounts, increase or decrease limits, etc.

A tool of this type is so necessary for a Pay per Head Sportsbook Operation because agents can basically check the wagering and gambling action of players without having to submit any data themselves.

This means that the days of processing hand-written wagers are definitely long gone for the bookie.


Access to Call Center

To have access to a high-tech call center is also essential to run a successful Pay per Head Sportsbook Operation.

This is a calling service that the bookie obtains as part of the price per head services package.

When available, the players of the top bookmaker are able to get their wagering action over the phone.

And what’s best, they can do it at any time of the day, any day of the year.

This means that this is a service that is available non-stop. Allowing bettors to place their wagers using their phones when its most convenient to them.

If the bookie is dealing with a reputable PPH offshore services provider; chances are that multilingual services are also going to be available.

This allows a bookie to add players that speak different languages to his Pay per Head Sportsbook Operation.


Online Betting and Casino

This is definitely the service that can achieve the best results for the bookmaking agent.

The reason is because the majority of bettors and casino players utilize their mobile devices and laptops to place their bets or play games such as PPH Poker.


Online Betting

The online betting service allows the bookie to compete hand-to-hand against the large online sportsbooks.

Without it, the business of a top bookmaker is basically destined to fail because of the lack of regular revenue.

Indeed, this is a very profitable price per head service that includes all that a player may possibly need to have a great experience.

Placing bets online is very simple for the player of a bookie that is running a Pay per Head Sportsbook Operation.

Once the bookmaking agent has created a personal user name and password for the player; the latter just needs to visit the online website and get his action.

The wagering and gambling site offered by the price per head shop should be easy to use. This way, players don’t really have to go through unnecessary training to place their wagers or play casino games.

In fact, ease of use is a factor that is determining when choosing the right price per head services provider.

If the bookie software and the overall set of player features are user-friendly; then it means that the bookmaking agent is dealing with the right PPH shop.



Many bookies are opting from getting a casino solution for their businesses.

The reason is because they know their players also play casino games; and failing to offer such games to their customers means that the latter are forced to search for different providers.

In some cases, players get their action with a given bookie, and their casino action with someone else.

In other cases, players simply decide to leave their current sports betting agent for a different one that also offers casino games.

Knowing this, smart agents request this service right away as they know that this is a vital feature to keep their businesses afloat.

It is also important to notice that casino games are essential to keep a sports betting profitable when wagering is slow.


Financial Resources and Other Personnel

Working with a price per head shop solves a large portion of the bookmaking agent’s needs.

With that said, the bookie still needs to count with the required financial resources and other kind of personnel in order to become successful.


Financial Resources

Without financial resources, the Pay per Head Sportsbook Operation of the bookie simply can’t work.

This is especially true during the initial stages as the top bookmaker may need to pay winners.

If the agent fails to pay his players, he will definitely start his business with the wrong foot. And this is something a sports betting and gaming agent don’t want.

That is because failing to pay clients lead to negative word of mouth; and that bad image can ultimately prevent the bookie from getting the players he needs to make his Pay per Head Sportsbook Operation profitable.


Other Personnel

When a bookie signs up with a price per head shop, the staff of the PPH shop basically becomes the staff of the agent.

This is great! However, there are functions that the employees of the price per head shop can’t handle.

This includes people that can help the bookie marketing his business, sub-agents, and even a good accountant.

Starting a Pay per Head Sportsbook Operation is far from complicated, and all starts by finding the right PPH shop.

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