Pay per Head Sportsbook Services To Enhance Your Bookie Image

Pay per Head Sportsbook Services are a true luxury that’s within reach for most bookies.

Pay per Head Sportsbook Services To Enhance Your Bookie Image
Pay per Head Sportsbook Services To Enhance Your Bookie Image

And if you want to reward yourself with these premium solutions, you just need to contact the right PPH Shop.

Then, you can get your own custom agent package; which includes bookie software for you, and access to a website and a call center for your players.

Now, if you don’t get PPH offshore services, you’re at risk of losing your clients to other agents. And that’s a scenario you definitely want to avoid.


Pay per Head Sportsbook Services and Personal Branding

If you want to become a top agent in your area, working with the right Pay per Head Sportsbook Services will help you enhance your personal brand.

And this will allow you to get the trust of more new clients on a regular basis, which is exactly your goal.

This is because by working with these solutions, you can establish yourself as an expert; as someone who knows how to fulfill the needs of players.

You’ll also be perceived as a leader, as a bookie who’s leading the path.

Another factor that will play in your favor is that you’ll be seeing as an innovator; as an agent that works with the latest technology.

And needless to say, that positive image will definitely separate you from the competition.


Pay per Head Sportsbook Services Explained

Are you curious about what these Pay per Head Sportsbook Services are all about? Here’s a brief explanation on:

  • Sportsbook Software
  • Wagering and Gambling Website
  • Call Center Access


Sportsbook Software

Recent research shows that the most successful bookmaking agents are those that work with bookie software.

This is the tool you can use to manage everything related to your sports betting operation.

And you really want this sportsbook software as your ally because it will help you run everything smoothly, and effortlessly.

By using this tool, you can always keep an eye on the action of your customers.

And it really doesn’t matter what your currently location is, as this is the kind of wagering software that requires no downloads.

This means that you can be anywhere in the world, and still check everything related to your operation without a problem.


Bookie Software Features

Now, here are the top features related to this outstanding tool:

  • Agent reports
  • Open or close accounts in seconds
  • Increase or decrease wagering limits for betting types
  • Edit credit balances
  • Edit wagering lines


Agent reports

Out of the many Pay per Head Sportsbook Services you get, these agent reports are vital.

The reason is because they offer you up-to-the-second, LIVE DATA related to the action of your players.

Then, you can use this fresh info in order to take the best decisions for your wagering and gambling operation.


Open or close accounts in seconds

As a bookie, you want to have full control over players’ accounts, and this includes the ability of opening or closing accounts.

And with this tool, you can open or close an account within seconds.

This is great because you can create a brand new account for a new client immediately.

And you can also shut down any accounts when necessary, allowing you to prevent unwanted losses.


Increase or decrease wagering limits for betting types

Another of the advantages of this tool is that you can set limits for your players.

You can allow your players to place wagers only on certain wagering types.

And you can also increase or decrease the wagering limits on those betting types.


Edit credit balances

Now, you also want to have the chance of editing credit balances at will, and this tool allows you to do exactly that.

Once you talk with a given customer and come up with a particular deal; you can go online, and immediately edit the credit balance for that player. It’s as simple as that…


Edit wagering lines

You can also edit any and all the wagering lines provided by the Pay per Head Sportsbook Services company.

Although your players get amazing lines, you may want to do your own editing from time to time.

For example, you may want to edit a given line for a VIP customer, and that’s totally possible…


Wagering and Gambling Website

This is the main of the Pay per Head Sportsbook Services for players.

This is a site where your clients can get their action using their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

And all they need to do it is a simple user name and password, which you can create for them.

Now, there are two versions of this site:

  • Standard site
  • Personalized site


Standard site

This is the standard PPH site, where the players of agents whom are running small operations get their action.

It’s a great alternative, but if you’re an agent who’s looking to expand your business, your best bet is to get a…


Personalized site

This website is going to be available only to your own players, nobody else will be getting action there.

And you can pick the design, and the name of the site, but you avoid having to pay for expensive wagering software or hosting solutions.

Instead, you just pay a ONE-TIME EXTRA FEE.

And then, the site will become available for your players.

Needless to say, getting this site is great because it’s another tool that can help you stand out as a top bookmaker in your area.


Call Center Access

Last but not least, your players also get access to a modern call center located in Costa Rica.

And all they need to do is to dial a toll free number, and get all the action they want; 24-7, 365 days a year.

Now, this toll free number is also a personal tool for you. Meaning that no other players but yours will be getting their action with that number.

And when your players call, they will be interacting with skilled, multilingual clerks; whom have been trained to provide professional solutions to even the most demanding players.


As you can see, to get these Pay per Head Sportsbook Services all you need to do is to contact your favorite PPH Shop from Costa Rica, and get your trial period now…

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