Pay per Head Sportsbook Services: Tools to Make It, and Remain There

A Pay per Head sportsbook is the favorite business model for the modern bookmaking agent.

Pay per Head Sportsbook Services: Tools to Make It, and Remain There
Pay per Head Sportsbook Services: Tools to Make It, and Remain There


Pay per Head Sportsbook: The Ultimate Platform

A Pay per Head sportsbook software platform includes all the tools a sports betting agent may need to be successful.

And these are the reasons why:


Calling Service

Although many bettors favor web betting these days, wagering over the phone remains heavily popular.

In fact, many sports betting players, especially the old school ones; love, and use this Pay per Head sportsbook service for nostalgic reasons.

So, whether your clients are using this calling solution for the useful and high-quality service that it is; or because they like to remember the old times, when all sports bets were processed over the phone; granting your customers access to call center offshore services is doubtlessly essential.


Top Advantages

Some of the top advantages of using a high-tech call center Pay per Head sportsbook service are:

  • No Need To Train or Recruit: Working with an offshore price per head shop means that you won’t have to take time to recruit clerks; or train them.

This is because the PPH shop already counts with specially trained personnel to take care of all the bet-taking process.

These are individuals that have the experience, and the knowledge to help you enhance your image as a bookie in the eyes of current or prospective clients.

  • Multilingual Attention: As a top bookmaker, you really don’t want to miss on the opportunity of offering your Pay per Head sportsbook services to sports betting players that don’t speak English. Specially if the mother tongue of those prospects is Spanish or Chinese.

So, working with an offshore price per head shop ensures that you can take care of these client segments of the business without a problem.

  • Less Personal, More Secure: Let’s face it: As a top bookmaker, you’re probably not in-love with the idea of processing all the phone wagers yourself.

Instead, what you want is a Pay per Head sportsbook service that can take this weight out of your shoulders.

The reason is because it is safer for you and your sports betting players as there is never any direct contact between the two parts; related to wagering action.


Internet Wagering

This is it. This is the holy grail of the modern bookmaking agent. Without this Pay per Head sportsbook solution, the future of a sports betting operation is not fully secured.


Main Reasons

Here are the main reasons why:

  • Seamless Mobile Integration: The majority, if not all sports betting players have a smart mobile device.

Bettors use the web on these devices on a regular basis; which is why visiting a website to place wagers can easily become part of their daily routine.

And, indeed, this is the goal. Now, you want to count with the best possible mobile Pay per Head sportsbook service.

And the reason is because you want to make the access to your sports betting mobile website as easy; and as fast as possible.

Allowing sports betting players to bet as much as they want, and at any time; directly from their iPhone, android, or tablet.

  • Privacy: This is an element that makes of internet wagering, an essential Pay per Head Sportsbook tool to count with.

Doubtlessly, sports bettors prefer keeping their wagering as private as possible. There are many reasons for this; and these reasons can vary from player to player.

Although bettors can make wagering calls in full privacy; web betting is even more private.

For example, if a player wants to make a bet over the phone, he may want to stand up from the group of people he’s with to get his action.

It may be that such person is with other bettors, and he doesn’t want to reveal what he’s betting on; Or it may also be that he just wants to validate his right to a private conversation!

Whatever the case is, make sure that the PPH shop that you decide to work with is one that offers you the best possible web betting experience for your customers.


Pay per Head Sportsbook Software

High-quality Pay per Head sportsbook software completes the game-changing triangle of services for bookies.

One on each side of the triangle: call center services, and internet wagering for players. And, on the base of the triangle, as a strong, firm support, is the bookmaking software for the agent.


Here’s Why

These are the reasons why a top bookmaking agent can’t say no to Pay per Head sportsbook services:

  • Remain Informed, All the Time: A top bookmaker must always know what’s going on with his wagering operation.

And for this purpose, using the varied reports that Pay per Head sportsbook software offers is critical.

The sports betting agent needs to know:

  • How much he’s winning versus how much he’s losing
  • Whom are the top winning and losing players

Using bookmaking software reports, a bookie can find that information, and much, much more.

And then, the sports betting agent can use that data to move his chess pieces in the best possible way.

Allowing bettors just so many moves as to make them comfortable in their own skins as players; while always keeping an edge as a bookmaker over them.

  • Get Full Control: Although Pay per Head sportsbook software is a platform that provides carefully analyzed data to the bookie; the latter always have full control over that information.

This means that the bookie can always change the data that is presented to him. This includes:

  • The sports betting lines provided by the price per head shop
  • The information related to players

So, the bookmaking agent can always move lines at will. For example, if there’s a particular line that he wants to adjust for a single player; or for all in general, he can do it without a problem.

And, the bookie can also change everything he wants related to his clients. This includes:

  • Opening or closing accounts
  • Set betting limits for all players, or for single ones


It is clear that the sports betting industry is currently on the rise; and in order to thrive as a bookie, you definitely need an outstanding Pay per Head sportsbook platform.

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