Pay per Head Software and Sportsbook Platform for Bookies

If you’re a bookie, you definitely want to work with Pay per Head software and a top sportsbook platform.

Pay per Head Software and Sportsbook Platform for Bookies
Pay per Head Software and Sportsbook Platform for Bookies

And the main reason for this is because you don’t want to lose your local sports betting players to offshore online sportsbooks.


Pay per Head Software

Signing up with a price per head shop allows you to get Pay per Head bookie software.

This bookmaking software includes the following:


Pay per Head Sharpest Lines

A top Pay per Head sports bookie software includes the sharpest lines in the industry.

Counting with the sharpest lines is a real asset for sports betting agents.

There are 2 main reasons why a PPH shop is considered to work with the sharpest lines:

  • The PPH operation doesn’t always wait for Las Vegas to dictate the line for a game: This means that the sportsbook software provider counts with experienced personnel that can originate in-house sports betting lines.
  • The PPH shop is able to deal with sharp players: These are also known as wiseguys; and are individuals that doesn’t follow the public cash. Instead of betting the best team, they focus on the value of each line on the board.


Pay per Head Real-Time Data

A top PPH sports bookie software offshore services provider also offers information in real time.

This means that the bookmaking agent is able to see the action of his players as it is occurring.

And, this is very valuable information that the sports betting agent can use to his advantage.

For example, if he sees that there’s wagering action that doesn’t favor him; by analyzing the data, the bookmaker can take the necessary steps to correct the mistake, and keep his profits safe.


Pay per Head Software User-Friendly

When choosing a Pay per Head software alternative, make sure it is as user-friendly as possible.

You want a nice interface that allows you to have complete control over your clients; but, you don’t want to make things complicated for yourself.

For this reason, the PPH custom bookie software that you’re considering to integrate to your wagering operation must be easy to manipulate; and most importantly: the information presented must be easy to grasp at first sight.

If the bookmaking software you’re being offered matches the above description; then this is the kind of product you want to work with.


Pay per Head Custom Data

Getting sportsbook software from a top PPH shop also means that the bookie can customize his own data.

So, apart from getting a first-hand lines management Pay per Head service; a bookmaker can also create his own custom lines; which immediately become available to his sports or horse racing clients.

With this kind of top Pay per Head bookmaking software; the sports betting agent can:

  • Open or shut down accounts
  • Temporarily or permanently ban players
  • Set custom wagering limits for certain accounts, or for all all of them. Or even for specific events


Pay Per Head In-Game Sports Betting

A top Pay per Head software alternative also includes in-game wagering for players. This means that wagering action can continue even after the game has started.

This is a great feature that allows bookmaking agents to increase their profits even more by offering broader wagering options for bookies.



Pay per Head Sportsbook Platform

As a bookmaker, you should look for a PPH shop that offers you the full sportsbook platform.

So, apart from getting Pay per Head sports bookie software, you should also get:

Pay per Head Services for Sports and Horse Racing Bettors

A truly efficient PPH sportsbook platform includes services not only for sports betting players; but also for horse racing bettors.

Ideally, the PPH shop counts with a separate department for sports and horses.

This allows the bookmaker to offer custom Pay per Head services to his players.


Pay per Head Call Center

An outstanding PPH sportsbook platform also includes access to call center services for players.

This means access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In other words, the PPH shop must be able to offer the bookie non-stop wager-taking services for players.

This ensures the bookmaking agent that his clients won’t have a problem whenever they feel like placing a bet. Any time of the day.


Pay per Head Mobile Betting

Offering web sports betting services that are accessible through desktop computers is great. However, if a bookie wants to secure the permanency of his current customers; and have the opportunity of signing up new ones; he must definitely count with a Pay per Head mobile betting solution.

The reason is because the majority of sports and horse betting players out there really enjoy the comfort and privacy that mobile betting offers.

It is really not the same for a player to place a bet from the desktop computer of his work or his home; than to place it from the privacy of his own mobile phone.

Indeed, since privacy and security is always in the mind of sports betting players, Pay per Head mobile betting is definitely a must-have.


Pay per Head Digital Casino

This is another feature that should be included in the services package of a top PPH shop.

The reason is because the majority of sports bettors are also gamblers. And, if the bookie doesn’t offer them an online casino option; players are just going to get their gambling action elsewhere.

This is a scenario that can be easily avoided by the bookmaking agent just by asking the PPH shop to make this extra solution part of his services pack.


Pay per Head Security

When closing the deal to get the best possible Pay per Head sportsbook platform, make sure to ask for the type of security you’re getting.

What you want is 128-bit encrypted log ins, and DDoS attack prevention.

Now, even though you don’t know what those terms mean; you should ask about them anyway.

The reason is because when you ask for such security features; and the other person on the line doesn’t know what you’re talking about; chances are that the type of security you’re getting is not the best.

On the other hand, if the Pay per Head shop representative is able to answer your questions without a problem; there is a high possibility that you’re dealing with the right sports bookie software provider.

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