Per Head Bookie Software Agent: Ways to Serve your Clients Well

Are you a per head bookie software agent who’s constantly adding clients to your bookmaking and pph poker portfolio?

Per Head Bookie Software Agent: Ways to Serve your Clients Well
Per Head Bookie Software Agent: Ways to Serve your Clients Well

If that’s the case, this article is definitely up your alley!


Per Head Bookie Software Agent: The Tips


Here are the best tips that you, as a per head bookie software agent, can use to make sure that your customers are getting the best possible service:


Put your Policy in Writing

Remember! Writing down your customer service policy will make it official for everybody involved.

All the members of your bookmaking and pph poker organization must know what your policy concerning your clients is. And they should be ready to live by it.

With that said, your customer service policy doesn’t have to be very elaborate.

Just make sure that the content of your policy is clear, and easy to follow.

And, most importantly, it should be based on empowering the sports betting and pph poker player as much as possible.


Work with Support Systems

Let’s move on! Your next step is to work with a set of support systems, including per head bookie software.

You can also come up with your own systems, destined to anticipate the problems of your bookmaking software and casino clients before they arise.

And by doing so, you’re already a step ahead of other local sportsbook software agents.


Measure your Progress

As a per head bookie software agent, you definitely want to measure your progress related to how satisfied your clients are.

When you first start, chances are that you’ll struggle a bit to provide optimal client attention solutions.

But, as you begin incorporating support systems; and learn more about the needs and desires of your clients, your professionalism will improve.

So, make sure to measure your progress as this will serve as a constant reminder of how well you’re doing as a per head bookie software agent; in terms of the kind of client attention solutions you’re providing.


Get Everybody Involved

Don’t forget that providing outstanding customer solutions takes more than working with a good price per head service shop!

You also need to get your direct employees involved as much as possible.

In fact, everybody in your bookmaking and pph poker organization should speak the same language. Specially when it comes to fulfilling the needs and desires of your clients.


Use These Phrases

Using the phrases below, will both help you take action, and keep your clients happy at the same time:


“How Can I Help”

As a per head bookie software agent, you want to give your sports betting and pph poker players the chance to explain what they want and need. It is not uncommon for business owners to just make guesses about what their clients need. In your case, it is best if you take the time to listen. When you ask how can you help, you are starting the dialogue on a positive note; and that is very significant indeed.


“I Can Solve It”

Once you’re aware of what the problem is, you need to make it clear to your clients that you have the willing and the resources to solve the situation. Your clients will doubtlessly appreciate your direct answer; which you managed to deliver in a simple, easy-to-understand language, and which they are familiar with.


“Not Sure, But I’ll Find Out”

From time to time, there’ll be some challenging questions ,which you will have to face as a per head bookie software agent

And it may be the case that you won’t have the answers at hand. When that happens, your best best is to tell the customer that you aren’t sure about the answer; but that you’ll get it for him right away. When you do this, the client will see that you’re going beyond your own professional knowledge to get an answer. And this can definitely translate into a positive attitude from the customer towards you as a per head bookie software agent.


“I Take Full Responsibility”

Since day one, you need to tell a new client that you’re going to be completely responsible for offering the best sports betting and pph poker player services. Assure your new sports bettor or gambler that you’re aware of his wants and needs (even the most demanding ones). And that you’ll deliver the client attention that you both agreed upon when the customer signed up.


Dealing With Unsatisfied Clients

Let’s also not forget that, according to the experts, many clients that aren’t satisfied with the bookmaking and pph poker services you provide aren’t going to tell you.

Instead, they will just leave you to play with a different sports betting and pph poker agent.

And, if that wasn’t enough, they’ll also spread some negative word of mouth about you.

So, knowing this, when a client complains, don’t see it as a bad thing. Try instead to see it as a great chance to change the perception of the person; with the goal of retaining her wagering and gambling action.

Here are some pointers to properly handle complaints:

  • Allow customers to freely express their feelings. And in fact, encourage them to do so as frequently as possible.
  • Never start, or participate in an argument with any client.
  • Never ever the client “you do not have a problem”, as this can be seeing as confrontational.
  • Always share your perception about the client in a polite way. No exceptions.
  • Immediately take some kind of action to put a remedy to an unwanted situation. First, offer a real solution, and next act upon it.


Stay In Touch

Now, if you really want to keep customers happy, don’t forget to keep in touch with them!

This is essential because you want to know why some sports betting and pph poker players aren’t playing lately, for example.

You also want to contact clients that have been playing a lot, to offer them special deals. And you do this to encourage them to continue to play at the same level instead of decreasing their action.

All, in all, you should always keep in touch with your clients just because they’ve chosen you as their per head bookie software agent, instead of choosing another top bookmaker.

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