Per Head Software And Other Essential Bookie Services

In order to improve your sports betting and gaming business, you definitely need Per Head Software.

Per Head Software And Other Essential Bookie Services
Per Head Software And Other Essential Bookie Services

And of course, you also need the other bookie services delivered by a reputable PPH shop.


Per Head Software: The Essential Tool

Doubtlessly, Per Head Software is the data management tool that any bookie should count with.

The reason is because this sportsbook software makes it possible for a bookmaking agent to run his business seamlessly.

These are the main elements related to Per Head Software:

  • Wagering Lines
  • Live Data
  • Custom Reports


Wagering Lines

When a top bookmaker signs up with a price per head shop, he won’t have to move a line anymore in his life.

This is because the PPH shop counts with a professional line moving team; able to create sports betting lines that can give the bookie an edge over players; while keeping the latter happy and satisfied at the same time.


Live Data

The information that’s shown to the bookie on the Per Head Software is up to date, and runs live.

This means that the bookmaking agent is able to see the action of his players as it’s taking place, in real time.

This is a phenomenal feature as the bookie can check exactly what’s going on; in order to take the necessary steps to keep his business healthy, and free of unwanted wiseguy action.


Custom Reports

The Per Head Software includes reports for the bookie. Such reports are especially designed to show custom data.

This means that the bookmaking agent can see only the information he needs or wants to see from each report.

This is great because it prevents the bookie from checking data that’s not relevant at the moment.

And, doubtlessly, this improves the efficiency of the sports betting and gaming operation considerably.


Other Essential Bookie Services

Apart from Per Head Software, bookies require other price per head services in order to run successful operations.

There are two service packs that includes such solutions:

  • Internet Services Pack
  • Phone Services Pack


Internet Services Pack

This is the top service that’s required for bookmaking agents. And the reason is because most players get their action online these days.

So, to count with web solutions that are fast and friendly with the user can really make the difference.


Wagering Site

The wagering site is the main element related to internet services delivered by a bookie software provider.

This website can be generic. This means that the players from different bookies all use the same site to place bets.

And, there’s also the option of customizing your own website.

This means that the bookie can choose the domain name, and the look and feel of the site.

And, what’s most important, such website is only used by the players of one single bookie.

For the top bookmaker, this really serves as a great marketing tool.

Because it shows prospective clients that the bookie counts with its own dedicated wagering site.

This of course adds a lot credibility to the bookmaking agent; and it helps with the positive word of mouth.

The internet services pack integrates perfectly with the bookie’s sportsbook software.

So, when a players places a bet or plays casino games such as PPH Poker through the website; a bookie can always check the live action using his Per Head Software.


Mobile Capabilities

Now, in order to count with an internet service that’s really going to please players, it must be fully mobile-friendly.

This means that when a player access the betting website through his mobile phone or tablet; the service should be fast, reliable, and user-friendly.

These are very important factors because a slow internet sports betting and gaming solution is not going to cut it in such a competitive market.


Phone Services Pack

This is the classic wagering solution! And, it remains as popular as ever.

The reason is because even though players usually favor web betting; many really enjoy the experience of getting in touch with the call center of the Per Head Software company to get their action.

This is really a solid solution, and one that complements the internet services pack perfectly.

A phone service for bookies can be as simple or as customized as the bookmaking agent wants.

The top bookmaker can choose to use a generic phone number for the PPH call center. Or he can request his own 800 number.

Doubtlessly, a private 800 number is even better. It works just like in the case of a custom website.

This is because the players of a single bookie will be the only ones calling such number.

And this certainly highlights the business personalization factor.


Call Center

The main element for the phone services pack from the Per Head Software company is the call center.

A price per head shop that’s located overseas. If you’re a bookie, this is really what you want.

The reason is because the call center services your players will receive are better, and less expensive.

Since the PPH Shop is located offshore, the people running the price per head shop can save considerably in overhead costs.

And the call center uses such savisn for improvements, and for hiring the best possible personnel.

Another great factor related to a PPH offshore services provider are multilingual clerks.

Hiring these individuals on onshore territory can be very expensive.

But hiring people with the same set of language skills is definitely less expensive, and of the same high-quality.


As a bookie, you really want to get the kind of Per Head Software and other bookie services that can transform your business into a money-making factory.

So, it’s really important that you take the time and analyze the different options that you have in order to pick the best one.

Once you’ve found a good option, don’t hesitate to give such price per head shop a call.

As this will allow you to identify the kind of professionals you’re dealing with.

And with such information, you can decide if that’s the PPH Shop you want to work with; or if you need to continue to look for a better Per Head Software provider.

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