Per Head Sports: What A Bookie Needs To Be Competitive

Per Head Sports is the real solution for bookmaking agents. This is a sports betting service for bookmakers that

Per Head Sports: What A Bookie Needs To Be Competitive
Per Head Sports: What A Bookie Needs To Be Competitive

includes all that’s needed to run a wagering and gambling operation.


Per Head Sports: Top Services Explained

Integrating a Per Head Sports to your operation means that you’ll receive different solutions; all of which are part of the same PPH offshore services pack.

A standard Per Head Sports services pack for wagering and gambling includes:

  • Bookie Software
  • Online Betting
  • Call Center Access
  • Casino Games


Bookie Software

Bookie software is the data management tool provided by the Per Head Sports company.

It allows the sports betting and gaming agent to monitor the action of players. This includes past wagers, and current ones.

What’s great about this Per Head Sportsbook software is that it shows information in real time.

This means that the top bookmaker can check the wagering action of players as it is happening.

This is doubtlessly a factor that grants the bookie a great advantage as it allows him to spot unwanted action.

With that said, if the bookmaking agent is dealing with a reputable PPH Shop; chances are that an additional wiseguy monitoring service is provided to the bookie, charge-free.

So, the sports betting and gaming entrepreneur can check and spot unwanted action himself; or he can rely on the service provided by the Per Head Sports company.


The lines that the bookie can see on his bookmaking software are the product of a careful, continuous analysis by the lines personnel from the PPH Shop.

This means that the agent really don’t need to move any lines by himself because all the work is done by the lines personnel from the price per head shop.


The reports that are provided to the bookie are fully customizable. Therefore the agent is able to see only the information he wants to see.

This is great because it saves the bookmaking agent a lot of time.

Such reports are also numerous, which means that the top bookmaker can see his business from a variety of perspectives.

And this allows him to take the best decisions to continue to grow his profits steadily.


Online Betting

An online wagering service is definitely a game-changer for a top bookmaker. And this is because most bettors get their action online.

And, by providing them with a web betting solution that is fast, reliable, and user friendly; the agent can really create loyal clients.

When acquiring an online wagering and gambling service, the bookie can choose if he wants a generic website; or a customized one.

This is a very important factor to be discussed at the beginning of the relationship between the agent and the PPH Shop.

This is because the top bookmaker must decide if he wants to use the generic site; which is used by the players of a lot of bookies at the same time.

Or, if on the contrary, the bookmaking agent wants to personalize the experience of his clients by offering them a sports betting and gaming website that has been fully customized to the particular needs of the bookie.

This includes the web domain of the site, and also the feel and look, including the design.


Call Center Access

The third most important element related to a Per Head Sports service is access to a high-tech call center.

This is definitely a classic wagering solution, and one that complements web betting perfectly.

The best call center service is the one that’s provided by an offshore PPH Shop.

This is because operating overseas allows the price per head company to lower its overhead costs.

A good indication that the bookie is dealing with the best possible pay per head business are multilingual services.

This means that the PPH Shop offers its services not only in English; but also in other important languages such as Chinese and Spanish.


Casino Games

In order to become a top bookmaker, counting with an online casino service is necessary.

This is because sports betting and casino games are definitely related. And, if the bookie doesn’t offer gaming solutions to his clients; he’s missing on a big opportunity of making it big.

What’s worst, if players realize that their bookmaking agent isn’t able of offering them online casino games such as PPH Poker; chances are that they will opt for playing with a different bookie that can actually provide them with this gaming solution.


What Bookies Can Avoid With a Per Head Sports Solution

Acquiring a Per Head Sports service means that a bookmaking agent can avoid:

  • Writing Manual Bets
  • Hiring Personnel
  • Renting Working Space


Writing Manual Bets

Writing wagers is the old school method. And, if a bookie wants to grow his business steadily; this is definitely not the way to go.

Instead, a bookmaking solution from a reputable price per head shop does all the job for the sports betting and gaming agent.

This means that a bookie can run his business, and obtain great profits, in an effortless way.


Hiring Personnel

Apart from sub-agents and an accountant, a bookie that’s using a Per Head Sports doesn’t need to hire any other kind of personnel.

This is because the PPH Shop counts with the wagering clerks, the lines experts, and the customer service people to satisfy the needs of any small or large sports betting and gaming operation.


Renting Working Space

Working with a Per Head Sports means that a bookie can run his business from anywhere. And there’s really no need for a large office.

In fact, it seems like a top bookmaker can just run his wagering operation from his own home; and on the go.

This goes for both small and large wagering and gambling operations.

The reason a bookie can do this is because the PPH Shop offers the agent all the services he needs.

And therefore, all the top bookmaker must do is to dedicate his own time to recruit clients.

Actually, when a bookie recruits a new customer, chances are that the agent won’t have to get in touch with that person until payments must be discussed.

And this is all thanks to the Per Head Sports company.

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