Per Head Sportsbook: Top Good / Bad Marketing Ideas

There are marketing ideas that are beneficial for your per head sportsbook business. And there are others that can do you more harm than good.

Per Head Sportsbook: Top Good/Bad Marketing Ideas
Per Head Sportsbook: Top Good/Bad Marketing Ideas


Per Head Sportsbook: Marketing Ideas, Worst to Best


Here are the top ideas that you must try to avoid as a per head sportsbook entrepreneur. Followed by a list of the top ideas you should focus on.


Top Worst Marketing Ideas

The following marketing ideas look like incredibly good quick fixes. But in reality they are the opposite: real landmines.


Fighting Bad Business with Good Advertising

Here is the scenario: the per head sportsbook business is a bit down because clients have defected. And prospective ones are not easy to turn into conversions.

And the reason is because the bookmaking and casino service is lacking.

So, to promote your wagering and gaming business without improving your offering will only put a direct spotlight into the situation.

What you need to do instead is to improve your sports betting and gaming service. And you do it by working with a top offshore price per head shop.

Then, when you feel your offering has improved, you can start promoting your business.


Thinking of the Client as a Fool

Avoid giving prospective customers the wrong impression! If you want to avoid this, don’t think of your customers as fools.

Are you posting ads on online forums or using other type of communication channel?

If so, avoid showing your client as an unskilled person wandering through life in search of your pay per head service.

This is because this is hardly the way to positively influence your prospects.

Instead, try to create a business relationship based on sincerity.


Save the Best for Last

It happens all the time. Per head sportsbook businesses wait to divulge the top benefits of their sports betting services until the last minute.

And they do this because they believe that their prospective customers are sitting on the edges of their chairs in anticipation.

If you are not able to grab the attention of prospects with your opening, they won’t stay around.

Most people are only interested either in a headline, or the first sentence of a pitch.

For this reason, avoid slow starts. And instead, work to deliver a first great impression.


Changing Your Image Dramatically

Avoid constantly changing the image of your per head sportsbook operation. This is because it indicates that you work without strong image guidelines.

And this makes it harder for prospective buyers to trust your wagering and gambling company.


Open Your Doors and Trust They Will Come

The honest truth is that consumers are not waiting for the next new bookmaking business to come into existence.

Sports bettors and gamblers need to be told and reminded of your per head sportsbook software operation.

Remember that once you have built it, you need to put a plan in place to market it.


Moving Fast

When you don’t count with a marketing plan, moving fast is like irresistible bait.

If you don’t know what your current business strategies and goals are, any tactic will sound like a good idea to you.

So, try not to hurry. Instead, find the right sports betting agents whom can help you promote your wagering and gambling operation.


Think People Care About “New Management”

“We have new management” is just a self-congratulatory announcement. And these kind of marketing strategies never have the kind of positive impact the per head sportsbook entrepreneur expects.

The reason is because if you use this marketing technique, you are putting the spotlight on yourself. And instead, what you should be doing is to focus on customer benefits.

Always remember that prospective customers care mostly about what’s in it for them.


Believe There is a Pie In the Online Sky

When you sign up with a price per head shop, your clients get access to an online website to place their wagers.

But, you first need to get those clients. Many of your clients you can get them locally.

However, since you have the opportunity of offering online wagering and gambling services, you also need to market your per head sportsbook services to online prospects.

And in order to do that, you must invest time and cash to drive people to your very own marketing website.


Believe Your Client is Captive

The truth is, sports betting players and casino gamblers know they have other options.

So, this force you to be the best per head sportsbook services provider you can be.

For example, be fair and square with every client. If you are offering a better deal to a given VIP customer, make sure others know this is the case.

As this will lead all of your players and gamblers in general to trust you more.

Remember that being fair is just part of a good business strategy. And fairness is generally rewarded by your clients with their long-term loyalty.


Top Good Marketing Ideas

As you work on your marketing program, try to include all, or as many of the following ideas to it:


Know Your Elevator Speech

Think about the question: What does your business do? Then, think about an outstanding answer that doesn’t lasts for more than 20 seconds.

If you do that, you have acquired your own elevator speech!

Make sure the answer to this question is able to generate more questions. And that it is also concise, interesting, and capable.

And, most importantly, focus on:

  • What you do.
  • Your clients.
  • And the unique per head sportsbook services you offer.


Great Service Before Great Marketing

Before you start promoting your bookmaking software and pph poker operation, make sure you have something good to promote!

Start marketing your wagering and gaming services only when:

  • Your sales channels are in place.
  • Your staff knows anything and everything about how to run your per head sportsbook operation.
  • You and everybody else are ready to provide enthusiastic sports betting and gaming solutions that exceeds expectations.


A Good First Impression

When someone is introduced to your per head sportsbook business, they must be impressed.

That is the only way to get the attention of a given client, and then turn him into a conversion.

So, focus on the home page of your marketing website, the cover of that sales brochure, and the first sentence of that phone call.

Usually, people tend to make long-term decisions based on first impressions.

So focusing on a strong opening can make wonders for your pay per head bookie software business.


Sweat the Little Stuff

Details are what make the difference between a good, and a great sports betting and gaming business.

Take care of your clients with a positive, lively attitude. Always, no exceptions.

Also be consistent with your promises. When you tell a given customer that you are going to do something, don’t fail to do so.

Make sure to be available to anticipate needs. And also try to respond to nonverbal client concerns.


Say What You Mean

Believe in your bookmaking and casino company! Believe in your high quality wagering and gaming services.

And also believe in the value your per head sportsbook operation represents to your customers.

Then, try to reduce all of your business beliefs into a few major points that will make your prospective customers, believers too.


Make New Clients, But Cherish the Old

Sure, your price per head bookie business can’t survive without new clients. And it can’t survive with the old ones either!

Remember that it is five times as hard to get a new client than to keep a current one.


Like Your Clients

People buy from people they like. So, try to be a friend to players and gamblers.

But, make sure that you appear as genuine as possible when doing so. Otherwise this can have the contrary effect to what you were aiming for.

For example, when talking to prospective clients, maintain eye contact. And don’t forget to build rapport.


Increase Value Before Lowering Prices

When someone checks out your per head sportsbook services, that prospect immediately mentally balances it versus your prices.

And, because your prices can only go so low, always focus on increasing your value.

This is because value can grow in an unlimited way. So, enhancing your value is the top plan of attack.


Break Down Barriers

Eliminate everything that is not necessary for your bookmaking operation. This includes inconveniences, frustrations, expenses, and waits.

Also eliminate any management layers that cost you more than what you get in value.

In sum, try to eliminate everything that is between you, and your client.


Get Better and Better

Customers demand:

  • A good price.
  • A wagering and gambling service of quality.
  • Prompt attention.

Only when they get those three elements in the same basket is when prospects decide to make a given sports betting and gaming company their first choice.

But, in order to retain this status, you need to grow with market demands and tendencies. And you do this because other sports betting agents are going to do the same. So you need to remain relevant.

When you work this way, the clients of your per head sportsbook company are going to reward you with their loyalty, and their positive word-of-mouth.

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