Pitching your Price per Head Bookie Business

Pitching your price per head bookie business properly is essential if you want to attract as many clients and

Pitching your Price per Head Bookie Business
Pitching your Price per Head Bookie Business

investors as possible.


Price per Head Bookie:  4 Kinds of Pitches


In order to take control of your audience in any situation, there are 4 kinds of pitches that you should consider mastering:

  • The tagline: This is a catchy phrase, or motto, created to attract the attention of prospective clients of your price per head bookie company.
  • The one-liner: this is a single sentence that sums up your sports betting and casino business.

Here, it is important for you to avoid using fancy words. If phrased properly, this single sentence has the potential of sparking the intrigue of prospective customers.

  • The elevator pitch: this is a sort of presentation, or summary of your price per head bookie business, and it take from 30 to 60 seconds.
  • The full presentation: This is a more complete and lengthy presentation of your sportsbook and casino business, and it can take from 10 to 15 minutes.


How to Pitch

The recommended way to pitch is to say what your price per head bookie company is all about in a short period of time, and then allow your audience to dig into what’s most appealing to them.

When the time to pitch your bookmaking company comes, take the time to brainstorm exactly what you want to accomplish.

Consider that your ultimate goals are going to affect the things you say, and the way in which you say them.

It is important to avoid going straight to a full presentation. It is more recommended to take a “next step” approach, in which you start small, until the right time for a full presentation comes.

Also, when pitching your price per head bookie business at a given networking event, your best bet is to pitch it in a way to get you a meeting with a potential client, instead of pursuing a purchase order right away.


Creating your Pitch

When it comes to creating your business pitch, try to avoid telling prospective clients and investors what you believe they want to hear.

Instead, start small, work with a nice elevator pitch, and then proceed to ask the person what she wants to know about the price per head bookie and casino services that you have to offer.

This means that once you have given your quick presentation, make sure to jump to the Q&A stage as soon as possible, as this is where you learn the most and that is ultimately your goal.

As soon as you create a pitch, make sure to cut as much as you possibly can. And then, make sure to cut some more!

Remember, if you want to transmit a powerful message to a prospective client or investor less is always more, so as a price per head bookie entrepreneur, it is your job to become a minimalist.

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