Post Early on your Bookie Blog and Earn Credibility

By running your betting operation with custom bookie software, you are already a step ahead of out-of-date agents, and if you also post-early-bookie-blog-earn-credibilitymanage to stay current with the industry’s news and important events and are able to blog on those topics before others, it is certain that you will grow popular within the web’s gambling community.

This can be quite beneficial for your business as it will increase your chances of attracting new clients based on your credibility.


Bookie Tips: Blog Early


When you are able to blog early on a certain topic, the comments on your posts will be more credible and will bring benefits like helping you to cultivate a loyal readership. Also remember to always share your new bookmaking blog entries in the top social networks to get some important likes and re-tweets.

Always remember that the earliest you blog on a relevant current topic related to the gambling industry, the easier it will be for others to find your site based on the title of your article and the rest of the content.

It is advisable to blog on events linked to gambling such as the world poker tour for example. People want to talk about events like the latter one, and blogging early means that they will have a place where they can let their voices be heard.


Subscribe to Key Sources of Information

If you want to stay current, you need to be updated with the latest news concerning the gambling industry, so make sure that you follow key sources of relevant news in twitter and also befriends them in Facebook. Always remember to read their latest tweets or posts on their walls in order to write on those topics as soon as the news is out and remains fresh.


Going Viral

Writing early also means that you have the chance of your bookie blog posts to go viral, and once that happens, your site will experience a considerable growth, which can change things in a big way for a niche blog that is followed by people that can be considered prospective clients for your wagering operation.


Give your Opinion and get Quoted

When you give your opinion on a bookie blog post concerning a certain topic before others, you will see that people will quote you on their own posts concerning the same subject. When you are quoted by other bloggers, it earns your site more credibility with both your readers and the other blogger’s readers too.


Networking is Much Easier

Blogging on a relevant topic before other people do it is also beneficial in the sense of getting people to agree to network with you on social media sites. The more high-quality contacts that you have in a site such as LinkedIn for example, the easier it will be for you to get friend invitations from possible clients or people that can hook you up with players.

Rank Better in Search Engines

When you blog early, you will also increase your chances of rank high in search engines for determined keywords. If someone wants information concerning a major event that will take place in a month from now and you have managed to write a post on that event, you will certainly get the early traffic a determined term, and this means that you will be followed by a stream of loyal readers over time.


Credibility is King

When you become the source of information for online readers, it means that your bookie blog have acquired some serious credibility, therefore, once you have reached a certain degree of popularity, it is vital that you keep on writing in a steady basis in order to avoid people from unsubscribing from you blog’s mailing list.

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