Pph Bookie Software Entrepreneur: Effective Cold Calling Tips

As a pph bookie software entrepreneur, chances are that you’ll have to make cold calls.

Pph Bookie Software Entrepreneur: Effective Cold Calling Tips
Pph Bookie Software Entrepreneur: Effective Cold Calling Tips

If you work alone, you will have to make a lot of them. And, if you work with other sports betting agents, much less calls.


Pph Bookie Software Entrepreneur: Best Tips for Making Cold Calls

Using the right tips, cold calling can be really lucrative for you as a pph bookie software entrepreneur.

Here are some of the best tips that can help you be more effective when engaging in cold calling activities.


Work with a Script

If you are nervous, the person on the other line of the phone will sense it.

And that nervousness can easily be caused by your lack of preparation.

If you want to avoid this, you can work with a script.

Take your time to put together a nice script that you can work with on a regular basis.

This script is actually a sales pitch that is going to help you acquire more clients for your bookmaking and pph poker operation.

Now, you can use a determined script and memorize it. Then, you will be able to sound as natural as possible.

And that confidence will be perceived by the prospect at the other line, which will give you an edge to turn that person into a sales conversion for your wagering and gambling organization.


Use Call Goals

As a pph bookie software entrepreneur, before you make a cold call, you need to have a clear idea of what your goal is.

When you know what you want, it will be easier to transmit that information to your prospect.

And present the info in a way that will be appealing enough to get the person as curious as to give your sports betting and gaming company a chance.


Find a Mirror

According to the experts, making cold calls in front of a mirror can provide you with a sense of confidence.

This is because when you look at yourself, the sense of anxiety related to the call leaves your body.

So, when you see a human reflection, even yours, while interacting with a prospect over the phone, you sound more personable.

Even when you’re not on the phone, you can practice your cold calls while watching yourself in the mirror.

This will make you even more prepared when you have to make the real calls.



Sure, the prospect on the other side of the line can’t see you. However, when you smile while on the phone, your voice and overall attitude sounds different.

By smiling, you will exhibit more sincerity. Actually, when you smile, your brain starts releasing endorphins.

And this boost of energy and release of stress will make you appear more alert, happy, and relaxed.


Stand Up and Move

Another way to expose yourself as an enthusiastic pph bookie software entrepreneur is to remain on your two feet while making cold calls.

This is certainly another trick that you’re doing to your brain. And it’s all to your advantage as a price per head bookmaking agent.

In fact, according to the statistics, salesmen who stand during cold calls, including those related to the sports betting and gaming industries, have better close rates.


Work with a Power Pose

Using a power pose is also very good to increase your confidence as a top pay per head sportsbook software entrepreneur.

For example, by placing your hands on your hips, or behind your head, relaxes your nerves, and makes you more confident.

At first, this power pose will seem fake to you. But, as you start using it more and more, it will become part of yourself, naturally. And this will encourage you to believe that you’re a top bookmaker even more.


Elevator Music

When making cold calls, if you want to be as effective as you can, you need to avoid nervousness.

Depending on each pph bookie software entrepreneur, being secluded in an office making calls can be very stressful. And that is because of the overwhelming silence.

If you work alone, and feel nervous when making cold calls, try using some elevator music.

You really don’t want loud music in the background because that can make you lose your focus. And it will also sound very unprofessional to prospects.

However, some light background music at a low volume can do wonders for your nerves. And your client conversions!



Making cold calls means that you will reach voicemail many, many times.

And that is just fine; it is all part of the client acquisition process.

For that reason, it’s actually in your best interest as a bookmaking and pph poker agent to work with 2 scripts:

  • One that you can use to talk to prospects when you manage to get them on the line.
  • And another one which is intended to help you leave killer messages.

What you want is to grab the attention of your prospects, whether they talk to you right away or not.

With that said, make sure that the script that you’re going to use for your voicemails is quick, and concise.


Tell Them All They Need to Know

When you make a cold call, this is probably the only chance you’ll have to establish contact with a person that can turn into a future client.

For that reason, you need to make sure to be as specific as possible with the information you want to transmit to a prospect.

It may be the case that the phone call doesn’t result in immediate action. However, what’s important is for the prospect to remember exactly who you are.

So, even if a prospect doesn’t decide to sign up for your sports betting and gaming services right away, when that person need to fulfil her wagering and gambling needs in the future, your name should number one.


Use a Routine

In many ways, cold calling is just like practicing a sport. The more you do it, the better you get at it, until it becomes a routine.

So, try to make your cold calls using a routine. For example, establish a schedule for your calls. It may be that you feel more energized during the mornings, after coffee, or hitting the gym.

With that said, make sure that the routine you pick is one that can adjust to the times when prospective clients of your pph bookie software business are more readily available.

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