Price per Head Bookie: Asking the Right Questions

Price per Head Bookie: Asking the Right Questions

The way in which you make questions during a negotiation related to your price per head bookie business is very important.

On this article we offer you relevant information on how to ask the appropriate questions. If you follow through, you will be able to create a healthy discussion between yourself and a prospective client or partner of your sports betting operation.


Price per Head Bookie: Wheedle Out Information


No one really says exactly what you want to hear, and at the time you want to hear it, and for this reason, you always need to ask questions.

In order to figure out how to ask the right questions, and when, take the example of trials, where questions are asked in different ways in order to obtain the desired data.

Also, when you inquire about something during a meeting related to your price per head bookie business, you need to avoid rapid-fire questions, and you also need to avoid becoming confrontational.

If you ask simple, easy-to-understand questions, you are definitely going to get the best results.


Battling the Jargon

When you ask questions that are of great importance for your bookmaking operation, don’t be afraid to request the other person to clarify an answer if it contains jargon that you are not familiar with.

It may be the case that you are talking to another price per head bookie, and you feel embarrassed because the other person is using industry jargon that she assumes you also utilize.

In such a situation, you can politely ask something in the lines of “just to be sure that we are on the same page…”


Asking Good Questions


The foundation of asking a good question is to know exactly what the information that you want to obtain is. Here are some useful guidelines:


Planning in Advance: Before you go into a meeting related to your price per head bookie operation, take some time to prepare the main questions that you want to ask the other party. Try to avoid memorizing such questions verbatim, or you run the risk of sounding artificial.


Ask With a Purpose: You need to know exactly what the purpose of your question is: to either get opinions or facts.


Tailor the Question for the Listener: Not everybody is going to understand the same question. For this reason, you must tailor your questions according to the other person’s background and frame of reference.


After Asking General Questions, Get More Specific: There are questions that can be considered more “general”, and those are the questions that you must use in order to open up a chat.

However, when the conversation goes deeper, make sure to become more specific with your inquiries in order to get exactly the kind of data that you were looking for in the first place.


One Subject: When you are meeting with a prospective customer or a partner for your price per head bookie business, try to avoid at all costs going in a variety of directions with your questions.

Your goal is to focus your inquiries in one main subject.


Make Pauses Between Questions and Answers: It is also important to take pauses when asking questions. This is because you want to sound as natural as possible.

When you make pauses between your questions, you sound more authentic, and it also allows you to frame your next question based on the previous answer received.


Don’t Interrupt: Once you ask a question, make sure that you let the other person finishes talking instead of interrupting the conversation with a new inquiry.

If you get a new question from the information collected from an answer, don’t interrupt the person right away, and instead, write down the new question, and ask it once the person is over with her statement.


Indeed, to really learn how to ask questions is really significant because it’s going to help you obtain the kind of information that you need to improve your price per head bookie business.

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