Price per Head Bookie: Blueprinting for your Business, and Life

As a price per head bookie, you should live your life by design, not by default. In other words, you should count with a blueprint that can serve as a roadmap that can guide you in

Price per Head Bookie: Blueprinting for your Business, and Life
Price per Head Bookie: Blueprinting for your Business, and Life

business, and in your personal life, from start, to finish.

This blueprint requires you to really know what is it that you want for the rest of your life in this earth (including what you want for your bookmaking business) and to be willing to go beyond easy answers.

An example of an easy answer is to say that your work is your one and only passion. Although this may seem truthful to you at first, when you start to dig deep, you will be amazed at what you can discover.


Price per Head Bookie: Blueprinting Exercises


The past is the past, it is untouchable, and the future is like clay, which you mold every single day using blueprinting.

When it comes to the blueprinting exercises listed below, it is important that, when addressing them, you remain honest, and true to yourself.

Remember, these exercises are for you, and you alone. It is not necessary in any way that you share them with anybody else. So, with that in mind, don’t be afraid to express your true feelings.

Indeed, the purpose of these exercises is to help you to count with the courage that you need in order to pursue what is really important to you as a human being, as also as the head of a sports betting and gaming company, while there is still time to do so.


What You Value Most

If you really know what it truly matters to you in life, then it will be one thousand times easier to set the right priorities.

In order to get there, make a list with six things that are the most valuable to you in life, and make sure to rank them in order of importance.

The next step is to list, next to each one, the amount of time that you spend supporting these values.

After doing this, you may realize that you are spending your time on things that really doesn’t matter to you.


The Personal Meaningful Activities You Are Committed To

There are many price per head bookie entrepreneurs out there whom have a tendency for overbooking their calendars with activities that they are really not very fond of, and that are not very meaningful either.

When you take the time to pinpoint the activities that you consider you want to spend most of your time doing, it will be much easier for you to say yes to them, and also to say no to those activities that drain you of vital energy.

If you are unsecure about what you truly want to do with your time, take a few minutes to think about, and answer the following questions as doing this can help you pinpoint your top meaningful activities.

  • What are the gifts that you consider as truly unique?
  • What is it that you do extremely well as a price per head bookie, and also in your personal life?
  • What are the social issues you consider you are very passionate about? Are you willing to do something more than just showing concern for these issues?
  • What are the activities you consider grant you an exalted feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction?
  • If you are given the choice, would you rather to assist others by rolling up your sleeves and pitching in, or are you a person that enjoys a more behind-the-scenes role?
  • Have you ever felt directionless and empty in your life? If so, what do you think you were missing during those times that caused you to feel like that?
  • Are you working on nourishing your soul?
  • If you are able to live your personal life, and as a price per head bookie, with meaning, how will the world be a better place?
  • How can you find out if you are really living your life with meaning?
  • If you happen to receive a $1 billion tomorrow, what would you be doing with that cash?

Many price per head bookie entrepreneurs whom complete the above list realize that their favorite activities have nothing to do with the lifestyle their family want.

With that in mind, if you really want to create a life around your passions, and it is the case that your spouse is not supportive, it is important to take the time to figure out how you are going to reconcile those differences.

Finances, of course, are another issue to consider, especially if you have invested considerably in your price per head bookie business. If this is your case, then how can you successfully overcome this issue?

It may also be the case that it may be tempting for you to pick activities for your list that you believe make you look good to those around you, when in reality those activities are not the ones you truly enjoy.

This is a big mistake, and we recommend you to avoid it at all costs as the core idea of this exercise is to free yourself from meaningless obligations in order to find more energy and time to pursue the activities that you are most passionate about, and that can benefit your price per head bookie business the most.


The Essential Six and the Vital Goals

The essential six priorities are those professional activities you list each day, and the most vital is the big goal that you have for the week.

Before leaving your office at the end of the day, make sure to list the six most important things you have to accomplish the very next day, and do so in order of importance, before adding those items to your calendar.

When you do this the night before, you are already winning because your subconscious is going to start working on the tasks in advance.

The very next day, make sure to tackle item number one on your list right away, and, don’t move on to the next item in the list until you have fully completed the prior one.

According to the experts, if you really want to be successful with the completion of the items on the daily to-do list for your price per head bookie business, you can work in 90-minute increments, followed by small breaks, as this can increase your productivity.

Now, when it comes to the most vital goal for the week, this one is always tied for the number one priority for your sports betting and gaming company for the quarter. Also, the first item on your list of the six daily essentials is usually tied to the most vital overall weekly goal.

Now, don’t worry if you are not able to complete the six items every single day. In fact, if you are able to do so, you may not be challenging yourself enough as a price per head bookie.

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