Price per Head Bookie Tips: Understanding Body Language

Price per Head Bookie Tips: Understanding Body Language

Understanding body language is very important for you as a price per head bookie as it helps you to improve your negotiating skills.

This is because body language allows you to recognize key signs such as boredom, nervousness, and resistance, among others.

And of course, it also allows you to signal your own positive message to others.


Price per Head Bookie: Two Languages


Additionally to the words that you express orally, there is another important language that many times is taken for granted: silent language, or body language.

There are four main parts of the body that people utilizes to send, and receive body language messages:

  • Eyes and Face
  • Hands and Arms
  • Feet and Legs
  • Posture and Torso



Most body language messages are easier to perceive in a person’s face, and the reason is because this is the area of the body that individuals tend to notice the most.

This can be easily appreciated in poker players, whom hide their real feelings under a non-expressive facial mask, or “poker face” and sunglasses (because they can’t avoid their pupils to expand when they open an outstanding hand).


Rest of the Body

There is a general rule concerning body language for the areas of the body other than the face:

  • Crossed arms, legs and feet, or what is known as closed positions, is a clear sign of resistance.
  • Open arms, legs and feet, on the other hand, indicate receptivity.

Now, the torso is a bit trickier to read due to the fact that seating positions and posture is a thing of individual habit. Plus when you are in a meeting related to your sports betting operation, it is difficult to read other’s torsos because people are seated behind a table.


Main Tasks

As a price per head bookie negotiator, you have 2 main tasks:

  • Make sure that both your body language and your verbal language are in tune. If you want to express a message that benefits your bookmaking business, then consistency between your words and your body signs is essential.
  • Accurately read the nonverbal language of the other person. Focus on recognizing when the words of the other person are in conflict with what her body is expressing.


Matching Nonverbal, With Verbal Communication

Many people is not really aware of the connection between verbal and nonverbal signs, but when it comes to negotiating deal related to your price per head bookie business, chances are that many of the individuals that you deal with do know when the words that you are saying are not in accord with signs your body is sending.

There are two main reasons why your verbal communication may not match your nonverbal signs:


Energy Drain: When you feel tired during a meeting, chances are that your body is sending the wrong signs to the other people in the room.

In order to avoid this, be aware of the possible positive outcome that the negotiation session can have for you in order to give your body energy a boost.


Not Focusing on the Communication of the Moment: When handling matters related to your price per head bookie operation, make sure that your mind is fully focused on such matters, and not on something else.

If there is something that is bothering you, chances are that this persistent negative train of thought is going to remain present even when you need to have a fresh mind to properly attend to business deals.

If your mind is wandering, the others in the room are going to notice this, so your best bet is to ask for a small break to revitalize your brain and re-focus on the business session.


As you can see, in order to become a top price per head bookie, it is in your best interest to not only work on your verbal expressiveness, but also on how your body behaves when surrounded by others.

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