Price per Head Bookie: Building your Finances Properly

Accumulating wealth related to your price per head bookie business takes time, and, if you fail to have a strong foundation, chances are that your fortune is not going to last.

Price per Head Bookie: Building your Finances Properly
Price per Head Bookie: Building your Finances Properly

Working with a strong financial base definitely helps you to grow your bank account in an easier way. And, without it, your financial structure can collapse at any moment.

This is precisely the reason why many individuals whom win the lottery end up broke, as they didn’t count with a strong financial foundation.

Indeed, you really need to know what you are doing with your cash. If you can’t manage your current finances, you can’t manage more.


Price per Head Bookie: Delete Debt


In order to keep the finances of your bookmaking and casino operation in order, the first thing you must do is to get out of debt. Or at least, this must be your number one goal.

In their pursuit of entrepreneurial freedom, a lot of people become victims of the debt trap. Without noticing it, their debt grew and grew, until their businesses broke, or, in a wiser move, they made the decision to turn their finances around.

Here are some key elements that can help you to overcome high debt levels:


  • Commitment and Focus: It is true that at first, if you don’t count with the necessary cash to start your price per head bookie business, you may need to get it from an external source, such as an acquaintance, or even an angel investor.

But the trick is to pay off such debt as soon as you start earning enough money. If you are making good cash, avoid keeping it all for yourself while the interests related to your outstanding debt continue to go up.


  • Don’t Acquire New Debt: Try to avoid at all costs paying debt with more debt! Again, if you are making enough money, use those earnings to pay your large debt instead of acquiring more debt to pay what you already owe to others.

See it this way: if you pay your outstanding debt with your earnings, you are going a step up the ladder of success. If you pay debt using more debt, you are definitely going a step or two down.


  • Sacrifice Temporarily: Sure, you became a price per head bookie because you wanted to make a lot of money, and you will! If you learn how to handle your finances, that is.

Great profits and success are definitely coming your way, but in order to play your cards right, you need to embrace the concept of long-term wealth.

This means that during the initial stages of your price per head bookie business, it is in your best interest to sacrifice yourself until you have paid all of your debts.

Once you are debt-free, you will be able to start enjoying your money with peace of mind knowing that all of it is yours.


Cast a Safety Net

Although you need to pay your debts and make some monetary sacrifices while your price per head bookie business grows, you also need to count with a financial safety net. This is good both for unexpected emergencies, and also for new investment opportunities.

The question here is: how much should you have on hand? The answer is relative, but for a starting price per head bookie operation, $1000 as a safety net is a good number.

This is really not a lot of cash, but you can definitely take care of a lot of things with it.


Save, Don’t Spend

If your sports betting and casino business is very profitable, then that is great! But, if you spend all the cash as it hits your hands, then you will never be able to save any, and although you may have turned out to be a top bookmaker, your bank account will always be empty.

The trick to start growing your numbers on a steady basis is to spend less cash than you earn.

Doubtless you need to spend money to live, including basics such as food, housing and transportation. However, there is other “fun stuff” that you can avoid altogether in order to put more cash in the bank.

It really is not how much cash you make that makes the difference, it is really how much cash you spend that can either make you, or break you as a price per head bookie.

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