Price per Head Bookie: Exploring Cash Attitudes

Before you begin making financial plans for your price per head bookie business, it is in your best interest to explore you attitudes towards cash.

Price per Head Bookie: Exploring Cash Attitudes
Price per Head Bookie: Exploring Cash Attitudes

Price per Head Bookie: Your Attitudes About Cash

Your thoughts about cash definitely have an influence over your actions. If you have positive thoughts about money, chances are that you will have better management behaviors related to your price per head bookie business.

On the other hand, if you have negative thoughts about cash, this can lead your sports betting and gaming operation to bad experiences, and even financial ruin.

When you think about the finances related to your price per head bookie business, it is better if you maintain a spirit of open mindedness.

In other words, you need to avoid thinking that you are never going to experience financial security.

Instead, you need to assimilate the idea that by making the necessary financial adjustments, including new spending habits, you are more likely to succeed as a bookmaking and casino services entrepreneur.

To explore your current attitudes towards cash is a crucial step in order to improve the financial situation of your price per head bookie operation.

Attitudes about Cash QUIZ

In order to give you a hand at figuring out your current frame of minds related to your financial status, we have created the following quiz.

In the blank provided, add an N for Never, S for Sometimes, and F for Frequently. Don’t over-think it, and just go with your gut:

____ I hate to open the mail, because all I get are bills.

____ I will never have enough cash to consider myself a successful price per head bookie.

____ My family spend cash faster than I am able to bring it in.

____ I don’t want to deprive my kids of stuff, like it happen to me when I was a kid.

____ When I have some money in my wallet, I spend it right away.

____ How can I save for when I retire, if I am barely able to make a living.

____ I won’t be able to pay for the college education of my kids.

____ When I want something, I just get it, no matter if I have to use credit to do so.

____ I am not out of cash, until my credit is over.

____ I will postpone to purchase something I want if I don’t have the money right away.

____ When I go shopping, I use a list of what I need, and I stick to that list of items.

____ My family will be financially Ok if something happens to my price per head bookie business.

____ I expect my income to grow substantially in the near future, allowing me to pay credit debt.

____ I get much stressed when I start thinking about all of my financial commitments.

____ I know exactly how much I have in my checking account.

____ My parents had to “do without”. That is not my case.

____ I will definitely retire when I am 65, or before that, thanks to my sports betting and gaming operation.

____ My income has been steadily growing for years thanks to my price per head bookie operation, and there is no limit to my earning potential.

____ My lack of cash makes me feel inadequate.

____ I am the one people around me turn to when they need some cash.

____ I have lied about cash to people I love, and care about.

____ I feel good about my ability as a price per head bookie to manage money wisely.

____ I never fail to make minimum monthly payments to my credit debt.

Once you have completed the above quiz, it will be easier for you to have a clearer picture of your feelings and attitudes towards cash.

And this newly acquired knowledge will allow you to become a successful price per head bookie even faster.

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